Property Pin on FT Alphaville


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Woo-hoo. Congrats to WGU and BrenG (I think! - memory like a fish me).



Now if they were to print the poster in the FT then we would have really arrived!


T’was 2Pack who appointed RM to replace the distinguished Mr Neary.



I propose we appoint simians to all the open positions in the Banks & Regulators !

After all, they’ll work for Bananas, & we’ve no shortage of them in our Banana Republic.


Now with added xman/2Pack riff:


^ That image appeared on the front page of yesterday as well 0_o


Bananas: the next bubble.


Still there! … alked.html


:confused: *‘New’ *financial regulator? Then who the hell was overseeing our property bubble debacle?


The FT Rally Monkey is a safer pair of hands than the Irish Central Bank Rally Monkey who has allegedly been regulating here for the past few years and who is retiring on an enormous pension next week , certainly enough to keep him in Bananas for years and years .

We should all form a delemagation to welcome Rally Monkey at the Airport . Starts Feb 1st I take it ??

( Well Done WGU 8) Quoted by the FT you just were)



Your poster was also on the back page of the business section of today’s Irish Times print edition. It’s a little small, but it’s there.


Bad form Ciaran Hancock not sayin where he got it!!!

ciaran give us a wave!!!


What Goes Up should sue… Of course, the original poster maker could sue aswell… :smiling_imp:


I reckon the IT have deeper pockets than I - so I’ll sue them and then poster guy can come after me.

Unless the IT have done something stupid, like ploughing a shitload of money into property websites and …



I’ve already issued papers on WGU for not crediting my copywriting !

This could get ugly! :laughing:


Mad! Did they credit the Pin at all?


I assumed it was “work-for-hire”?


He could have got it from the site - whoever posted it there didn’t credit it to here.


I feel that the paper of record should Credit ThePropertyPin like the FT did …and it may have come from the FT .

This WGU vs BrendanG handbags is an internal disciplinary matter for the Pin ( meaning we will stand by and let them kill each other ) 8)