Property Price Database Crowdsource Cleanup

The Pin Is Having a crack at Crowdsource (= throw lots of people quickly at) fixing the illiterate mess that is our property price database and we need all hands on deck ( it will still take a few weeks). Do 10 or 20 when you get a chance, every day or every 2 days… Just yank the mose down the sheet and start editing somewhere or link testing. … Famc#gid=0

Test complete blocks of 100 for mapping errors ( click , look at map and press Ctrl+W on your keyboard) and if there is an issue then report it in here and the more expert among us will scratch the head and fix it. ** Lots of people will do very interesting analytic stuff with this data once it is fully MAPPABLE.**

The current mess is awful, thanks mainly to the Revenue commissioners. :frowning:

The idea is to remove gross misspellings (of which they are many many) and to separate out the data properly. The best way to do this is manually…because people spot things especially with addresses.

To participate you simply edit the data in the sheet above, no sign in is required. . We will do the cleanup in blocks of 10000 and are well into Block 1 now.

Break the address field on the left down into correct address / area town / postcode / local authority ( dublin cork only) and then test the fixed address in by clicking, that is all.

Estate names can usually go, 1 The Street, The Town, County will normally do the trick.

You can sweep down to do simple stuff like pick the right Dublin Postcode in Column D and the right Dublin or Cork local authority in Column F, these are dropdown menus and let someone else check the address field later. It all helps us get there.

And get there we will with your help.

TIA 2Pack

If you want to clean the data, you should, in my view, take a wider approach.

• Decide on a common format, especially for apartments:

Apt. 19 Clarence Gate, Kilkenny Road
Apartment No.2, Clarence Gate, Kilkenny Road
Apartment 6, Castle Hill, Carlow
Apartment 2 Ground Floor, Block A Millstream Court
Apartment 16The Dell, Ennistymon Road, Lahinch

• Decide on a common nomenclature: Rd, Rd., Road

• Decide on an approach to property numbering:

No 2 Beechwood Park, Pollerton Carlow
No. 2 Bridge Street, Graiguecullen, Carlow

• Decide on an approach to other errors:

’ Adrigole’, Ballincurrig, Douglas
’ Fishermans Cottage’, Bawnbrack, Golden
’ The Stone House’, Ballyglass Upper, Tipperary

  • Beech Grove, Rosbercon, New Ross
  • Greenfield Manor, Donnybrook, Dublin
  • Holywell, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dundrum
    -------, Monaree, Nenagh

• Decide on an approach to capitalisation:

120 The Laurels, Tullow Road, Carlow

• Decide on an approach to punctuation:

1, Ostman Place, Stoneybatter
1, Rectory Mews, Duncormick
1, Shanakiel Terrace, Strawberry Hill

• Decide on an approach to Irish names

25 Donn Or, Brownshill Road, Carlow
13 Donn ?r, Brownshill Rd, Carlow

• Identify and correct pricing errors

07/02/2010 33 Lakeside, Castleoaks, Dublin Road Carlow €149,779.00
11/11/2010 31 Lakeside, Castleoaks, Dublin Road Carlow €1,030,148.00
03/02/2011 4 Farnham Street, Cavan Cavan €1,150,000.00
10/12/2010 38 The Maples, Oakleigh Wood, Tulla Road Ennis Clare €1,890,000.00
06/08/2010 41 The Maples, Oakleigh Wood, Tulla road Clare €227,500.00
04/05/2010 44 the maples, oakleigh woods, tulla rd ennis Clare €223,000.00
18/02/2010 29 Cluain Ard, Fedamore, Co Limerick Limerick €125,172,000.00
29/03/2010 3 Castlegate Vale, Adamstown Castle, Adamstown Dublin €1,481,111.10
23/08/2010 124 Cluain Bui, Quinagh, Carlow Carlow €1,453,745.00
02/07/2010 61 Rollins Villas, Dun Laoghaire Dublin €24,100,000.00
08/02/2010 156 Curragh Birin, Castletroy, Limerick Limerick €18,000,000.00
03/12/2010 64 Browneshill Wood, Browneshill Road, Carlow Carlow €17,533,039.00

You should define the output you want and the purposes for which you want it first and then decide the approach.

You should parse the address data first into individual words and perform some initial correction at this stage to reduce the data correction workload so that they can be corrected where required. You should also retain the original data as well as the corrected. You can then assemble a standardised address from concatenating the parsed and corrected address components.

Would it be too complicated to write a script or even excel rules to parse data rather than using manual intervention? That would apply for most of the “No/Num/No.” Issues
That way the DB can be downloaded again, and refreshed.

My past experience of manually editing synthised VLSI files tells me this is worth a small initial investment

Edit I think jxbr is saying the same thing?


Stuff like Apartment 12 or Apt.12 or Number 12 or No. 12 is simply 12 most of the time.

Easier to do manually as there are loads of typos and misspellings that are not scripatble.

Get in there, do 10 or 20 , check on map on right. Sorted.

Todays Job.

Finish off from 1600 Onwards and we go to testing on those later.

Lots done in various spots but fill gaps and test your edit by clicking on right.

Daily tasks will appear in this thread as we progress. Cells will be locked as we go along so scroll down to the unlocked area and work away.

Simply cut and paste stuff in the main, fix glaring errors like No. and Apartment and typos etc.

Basic parsing and initial correction is very simple and reduces workload as well as improving quality.

Date of SaleAddress                                                   County      Price (€)          1                   3                2             4  

           5             6             7
21/09/2012  12 St?isi?n na C?irte, Falcarragh, Letterkenny            Donegal     €96,000.0012                  St?Isi?N            Na            C?Irte   

     Falcarragh    Letterkenny
21/09/2012  14 Coultry Close, Ballymun                                Dublin      €41,250.0014                  Coultry             Close         Ballymun
21/09/2012  145 Newborough, Gorey                                     Wexford    €100,000.00145                 Newborough          Gorey
21/09/2012  38 Shangan Green, Ballymun                                Dublin      €44,000.0038                  Shangan             Green         Ballymun
21/09/2012  39 Shangan Green, Ballymun                                Dublin      €54,290.0039                  Shangan             Green         Ballymun
21/09/2012  4 Blackwood Lawns, Ongar                                  Dublin     €325,000.004                   Blackwood           Lawns         Ongar
21/09/2012  47 kinvara Park, Ballyvolane                              Cork       €160,000.0047                  Kinvara             Park          

21/09/2012  5 Kiltiernan East, Kilcolgan, Co Galway                   Galway     €240,000.005                   Kiltiernan          East          

Kilcolgan     Co            Galway
21/09/2012  62 Olcovar, Shankill                                      Dublin     €255,506.6062                  Olcovar             Shankill
21/09/2012  8A Friars Green, Tullow Road, Carlow                      Carlow     €105,000.008A                  Friars              Green         Tullow   

     Road          Carlow
21/09/2012  apt 49  brighton, castle court  kilgobbin wood, sandyford Dublin     €183,000.00Apartment           49                  Brighton      Castle   

     Court         Kilgobbin     Wood
21/09/2012  Derrydonnell More, Oranmore                               Galway     €259,000.00Derrydonnell        More                Oranmore
21/09/2012  Lisheen, Dundrum Road, Dundrum                            Dublin     €250,000.00Lisheen             Dundrum             Road          Dundrum
21/09/2012  Nine Tree Hill, Ballitore                                 Kildare    €120,000.00Nine                Tree                Hill          

21/09/2012  shelma, woodstock rd, newtownm'tkennedy                   Wicklow    €410,000.00Shelma              Woodstock           Road          

20/09/2012  18 An Gleib, Ballivor                                     Meath      €115,000.0018                  An                  Gleib         Ballivor
20/09/2012  18 GREENVIEW DRIVE, GLENCAIRN, DOORADOYLE                 Limerick   €183,000.0018                  Greenview           Drive         

Glencairn     Dooradoyle
20/09/2012  18 Roseville Gardens, Corbally                            Limerick   €150,000.0018                  Roseville           Gardens       Corbally
20/09/2012  211 Laraghcon, Lucan                                      Dublin     €595,000.00211                 Laraghcon           Lucan
20/09/2012  219 Larkhill Road, Whitehall                              Dublin     €150,000.00219                 Larkhill            Road          

20/09/2012  22 Allenton Lawns, Ballycragh                             Dublin      €77,000.0022                  Allenton            Lawns         

20/09/2012  3 Gingerstown Park, Caragh, Naas                          Kildare    €288,000.003                   Gingerstown         Park          Caragh   

20/09/2012  3 Portersgate Close, Clonsilla, Dublin 15                 Dublin     €270,000.003                   Portersgate         Close         

Clonsilla     Dublin        15
20/09/2012  35 HARBOUR COURT, ARKLOW                                  Wicklow    €156,500.0035                  Harbour             Court         Arklow
20/09/2012  40-48 Cuirt na hAbhainn, Tierney Street, Cappocksgreen    Louth    €1,386,832.0040-48               Cuirt               Na            Habhainn 

     Tierney       Street        Cappocksgreen
20/09/2012  52 Willow Court  Ashleigh Downs, Manor, Tralee            Kerry      €110,000.0052                  Willow              Court         Ashleigh 

     Downs         Manor         Tralee
20/09/2012  54 Laraghcon, Lucan                                       Dublin     €345,000.0054                  Laraghcon           Lucan
20/09/2012  54 Woodlands Green, Arklow                                Wicklow    €145,000.0054                  Woodlands           Green         Arklow
20/09/2012  56 AVONDALE LAWN, BLACKROCK                               Dublin     €480,000.0056                  Avondale            Lawn          

20/09/2012  57 Coultry Avenue, Ballymun                               Dublin      €47,025.0057                  Coultry             Avenue        Ballymun
20/09/2012  67 Willowbank Court, Midleton                             Cork       €260,000.0067                  Willowbank          Court         Midleton
20/09/2012  72 Sandyhill Gardens, Ballymun                            Dublin      €44,000.0072                  Sandyhill           Gardens       Ballymun
20/09/2012  Abhainn Glas, Edgeworthstown                              Longford   €120,000.00Abhainn             Glas                Edgeworthstown
20/09/2012  Accony, Louisburgh                                        Mayo       €200,000.00Accony              Louisburgh
20/09/2012  Apartment 14, 54-55 North Great Charles Street            Dublin     €182,974.49Apartment           14                  54-55         North    

     Great         Charles       Street
20/09/2012  DUNGANSTOWN, KILBRIDE                                     Wicklow    €165,000.00Dunganstown         Kilbride
20/09/2012  No 23 Hawthorn Drive, Portlaoise                          Laois       €76,000.00No                  23                  Hawthorn      Drive    

20/09/2012  Samara, 56 Tiffany Downs, Bishopstown                     Cork       €172,500.00Samara              56                  Tiffany       Downs    

20/09/2012  Shanbally, Craughwell                                     Galway     €207,000.00Shanbally           Craughwell
19/09/2012  1  Windmill Cottages, termonfeckin, drogheda              Louth      €170,000.001                   Windmill            Cottages      

Termonfeckin  Drogheda
19/09/2012  1 Railway Square, Waterford                               Waterfor    €45,000.001                   Railway             Square        

19/09/2012  111 Primrose Grove, Darndale                              Dublin      €37,125.00111                 Primrose            Grove         Darndale
19/09/2012  143 Crossneen Manor, Crossneen, Leighlin Road             Carlow     €125,000.00143                 Crossneen           Manor         

Crossneen     Leighlin      Road
19/09/2012  15 Ard Caoin, Manorcunningham                             Donegal     €60,000.0015                  Ard                 Caoin         

19/09/2012  19 creevaghbui, creevaghbeg, ballymahon                   Longford    €55,066.0019                  Creevaghbui         Creevaghbeg   

19/09/2012  203 TONGLEE ROAD, COOLOCK                                 Dublin     €294,000.00203                 Tonglee             Road          Coolock
19/09/2012  24 Gortmalogue, clonmel                                   Tipperar    €85,000.0024                  Gortmalogue         Clonmel
19/09/2012  24 Kew Park, Lucan                                        Dublin     €232,000.0024                  Kew                 Park          Lucan
19/09/2012  3 Market Copurt, Maine Street, Tralee                     Kerry       €53,500.003                   Market              Copurt        Maine    

     Street        Tralee
19/09/2012  31 Woodberry Lawn, Castleredmond, Midleton                Cork       €165,000.0031                  Woodberry           Lawn          

Castleredmond Midleton
19/09/2012  33 Pier View, Wicklow Town                                Wicklow     €85,000.0033                  Pier                View          Wicklow  

19/09/2012  35, Beech Park Road, Foxrock                              Dublin     €510,000.0035                  Beech               Park          Road     

19/09/2012  52 Garryowen Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10                 Dublin      €90,000.0052                  Garryowen           Road          

Ballyfermot   Dublin        10
19/09/2012  54 Lord Edward Street, Kilkenny                           Kilkenny    €65,000.0054                  Lord                Edward        Street   

19/09/2012  8 Williams Place Lower, North Circular Road               Dublin      €55,000.008                   Williams            Place         Lower    

     North         Circular      Road
19/09/2012  9 Annamoe Drive, Cabra                                    Dublin      €56,375.009                   Annamoe             Drive         Cabra
19/09/2012  9 Lamagh, Newtownforbes                                   Longford   €125,550.009                   Lamagh              Newtownforbes
19/09/2012  95 Dunmore Park, Ballymount, Dublin 24                    Dublin     €142,000.0095                  Dunmore             Park          

Ballymount    Dublin        24
19/09/2012  Burnt Oak, Gainstown, Navan                               Meath      €193,500.00Burnt               Oak                 Gainstown     Navan
19/09/2012  CLONMEEN, ERRILL                                          Laois       €75,000.00Clonmeen            Errill
19/09/2012  CURRACLOUGHAN, VIRGINIA                                   Cavan       €62,000.00Curracloughan       Virginia
19/09/2012  Flemington, Balrath                                       Meath       €75,000.00Flemington          Balrath
19/09/2012  Highmount, Feenagh                                        Limerick    €70,000.00Highmount           Feenagh
19/09/2012  Meenagorey, Buncrana                                      Donegal    €167,000.00Meenagorey          Buncrana
19/09/2012  No. 18 The Beeches, Louisburgh                            Mayo       €160,000.00No.                 18                  The           Beeches  

19/09/2012  Sadlierswell, Tipperary                                   Tipperar    €25,000.00Sadlierswell        Tipperary
18/09/2012  105 Marigold Court, Darndale                              Dublin      €39,187.00105                 Marigold            Court         Darndale
18/09/2012  11 Glencurrig, South Douglas Road Cork                    Cork       €140,000.0011                  Glencurrig          South         Douglas  

     Road          Cork
18/09/2012  12 Lakeview Park, Currow, Killarney                       Kerry      €185,000.0012                  Lakeview            Park          Currow   

18/09/2012  14 Rosemount, Heron's Wood, Carrigaline                   Cork       €227,000.0014                  Rosemount           Heron'S       Wood     

18/09/2012  15 Montpelier Court, Montpelier Hill, Dublin 7            Dublin     €185,000.0015                  Montpelier          Court         

Montpelier    Hill          Dublin        7
18/09/2012  18 rosrhill crescent, rosehill kells rd, kilkenny         Kilkenny   €190,000.0018                  Rosrhill            Crescent      Rosehill 

     Kells         Road          Kilkenny
18/09/2012  216 McKee Avenue, Finglas                                 Dublin     €175,000.00216                 Mckee               Avenue        Finglas
18/09/2012  29 Oaklands Park, Ballsbridge                             Dublin     €455,000.0029                  Oaklands            Park          

18/09/2012  40 Wood Dale View, Ballycullen                            Dublin     €231,000.0040                  Wood                Dale          View     

18/09/2012  53 Carlingford Road, Drumcondra                           Dublin     €239,000.0053                  Carlingford         Road          

18/09/2012  53 Kylemore Drive, Ballyfermot                            Dublin      €48,125.0053                  Kylemore            Drive         

18/09/2012  56 St Johns Close, Clondalkin                             Dublin     €110,000.0056                  St                  Johns         Close    

18/09/2012  6 Drowes Court, Tullagahn                                 Leitrim    €127,000.006                   Drowes              Court         

18/09/2012  6 Graysland, Athy                                         Kildare    €108,000.006                   Graysland           Athy
18/09/2012  Ballyhade, Castledermot                                   Kildare    €110,000.00Ballyhade           Castledermot
18/09/2012  BROMORE EAST, BALLYBUNION                                 Kerry      €200,000.00Bromore             East                Ballybunion
18/09/2012  CARRABEG, OWER, HEADFORD                                  Galway     €215,000.00Carrabeg            Ower                Headford
18/09/2012  'Kelburne', 128 Howth Road, Clontarf                      Dublin   €1,550,000.00'Kelburne'          128                 Howth         Road     

18/09/2012  Lamara, Rosslare Strand                                   Wexford     €90,000.00Lamara              Rosslare            Strand
18/09/2012  LUNDERSTOWN, DULEEK                                       Meath      €212,500.00Lunderstown         Duleek
18/09/2012  Marabil, Rathroon, Bandon                                 Cork       €350,000.00Marabil             Rathroon            Bandon
18/09/2012  Punchersgrange House, Punchersgrange, Newbridge           Kildare    €380,000.00Punchersgrange      House               

18/09/2012  Rathanane, Kilcummin, Killarney                           Kerry      €127,000.00Rathanane           Kilcummin           Killarney
17/09/2012  1 Gurteen Road, Ballyfermot                               Dublin      €55,000.001                   Gurteen             Road          

17/09/2012  116 THE OLD DISTILLERY, SMITHFIELD                        Dublin     €135,000.00116                 The                 Old           

Distillery    Smithfield
17/09/2012  13 LARKFIELD GARDENS, HAROLDS CROSS                       Dublin     €190,000.0013                  Larkfield           Gardens       Harolds  

17/09/2012  131 Kincora Road, Clontarf                                Dublin     €376,000.00131                 Kincora             Road          Clontarf
17/09/2012  15 Woodford Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22                  Dublin     €130,000.0015                  Woodford            Drive         

Clondalkin    Dublin        22
17/09/2012  155 CORBAWN WOOD, Shankill                                Dublin     €255,000.00155                 Corbawn             Wood          Shankill
17/09/2012  16 DOYLESFORT RD, DUNDALK                                 Louth      €122,000.0016                  Doylesfort          Road          Dundalk
17/09/2012  16 The Drive, Innwood, Enfield                            Meath      €210,000.0016                  The                 Drive         Innwood  

17/09/2012  17 ELM PARK, ENNIS ROAD                                   Limerick    €71,316.0017                  Elm                 Park          Ennis    

17/09/2012  189 Bangor Road, Crumlin                                  Dublin      €83,090.00189                 Bangor              Road          Crumlin
17/09/2012  2 Victoria Park, Kilkee                                   Clare      €132,000.002                   Victoria            Park          Kilkee
17/09/2012  22  Creevaghbui, Creevaghbeg, Ballymahon                  Longford    €48,458.0022                  Creevaghbui         Creevaghbeg   

17/09/2012  28 The Briary, Rosehill, Carrigaline                      Cork       €180,000.0028                  The                 Briary        Rosehill 

17/09/2012  3 The Crescent, Highfield Park, Carrigrohane  BallincolligCork       €194,714.003                   The                 Crescent      

Highfield     Park          Carrigrohane  Ballincollig
17/09/2012  3 The Green, Oranhill, Oranmore                           Galway     €195,000.003                   The                 Green         Oranhill 

17/09/2012  326 Boireann Bheag, Roscam                                Galway     €145,000.00326                 Boireann            Bheag         Roscam
17/09/2012  38 The Gallery, Donabate                                  Dublin     €145,000.0038                  The                 Gallery       Donabate
17/09/2012  50 Goldsmith Street, Dublin 7                             Dublin     €170,000.0050                  Goldsmith           Street        Dublin   

17/09/2012  80 Sandyhill Gardens, Ballymun                            Dublin     €130,000.0080                  Sandyhill           Gardens       Ballymun
17/09/2012  86 Walkinstown Drive, Walkinstown                         Dublin      €68,750.0086                  Walkinstown         Drive         

17/09/2012  98 o'hanlon park, dundalk                                 Louth       €86,000.0098                  O'Hanlon            Park          Dundalk
17/09/2012  Apartment 24, Gleann Bhearu, Athy                         Kildare     €40,000.00Apartment           24                  Gleann        Bhearu   

17/09/2012  Apartment 2E, Ballyard Condominiums, Tralee               Kerry       €54,000.00Apartment           2E                  Ballyard      

Condominiums  Tralee
17/09/2012  Apartment 31, Les Buissonnets, Sweetman's Avenue  BlackrocDublin     €150,000.00Apartment           31                  Les           

Buissonnets   Sweetman'S    Avenue        Blackrock
17/09/2012  Apt 6  Block A Park House, Butlers Court, 77 Sir John RogeDublin     €235,000.00Apartment           6                   Block         A        

     Park          House         Butlers
17/09/2012  ASKINTINNY, ARKLOW                                        Wicklow    €225,000.00Askintinny          Arklow
17/09/2012  Baptistgrange, Lisronagh, Clonmel                         Tipperar   €185,000.00Baptistgrange       Lisronagh           Clonmel
17/09/2012  Begerin Loftus, New Ross                                  Wexford    €200,000.00Begerin             Loftus              New           Ross
17/09/2012  belcruit, kincasslagh                                     Donegal     €50,000.00Belcruit            Kincasslagh
17/09/2012  Cloon, Claregalway                                        Galway     €200,000.00Cloon               Claregalway
17/09/2012  Coolisduff, Kilmaine                                      Mayo        €15,000.00Coolisduff          Kilmaine
17/09/2012  Deansgrove, Cashel                                        Tipperar   €155,000.00Deansgrove          Cashel
17/09/2012  Delvin Road, Gormanston                                   Meath       €82,000.00Delvin              Road                Gormanston
17/09/2012  garroun, Ballyfinnane, Firies                             Kerry       €35,000.00Garroun             Ballyfinnane        Firies
17/09/2012  Hill House, Fenit                                         Kerry       €70,000.00Hill                House               Fenit
17/09/2012  No.4 Reenmeen Woods, Reenmeen, Glengarriff                Cork       €116,000.00No.4                Reenmeen            Woods         Reenmeen 

17/09/2012  Tir Gan Ean, Doolin                                       Clare      €100,000.00Tir                 Gan                 Ean           Doolin
14/09/2012  1 Wood Park, Ballinteer Avenue                            Dublin     €560,000.001                   Wood                Park          

Ballinteer    Avenue
14/09/2012  10 Ashwood Avenue, Ballinrobe Road, Westport              Mayo       €136,563.8710                  Ashwood             Avenue        

Ballinrobe    Road          Westport
14/09/2012  10 Emerald Square, Dolphins Barn, Dublin 8                Dublin      €92,000.0010                  Emerald             Square        Dolphins 

     Barn          Dublin        8
14/09/2012  11 Clos Ard, Prospect Hill, Galway                        Galway     €175,000.0011                  Clos                Ard           Prospect 

     Hill          Galway
14/09/2012  13 Deerpark Avenue, St. Joseph's Road, Mallow             Cork       €149,000.0013                  Deerpark            Avenue        St.      

     Joseph'S      Road          Mallow
14/09/2012  13 Donn ?r, Brownshill Rd, Carlow                         Carlow     €195,000.0013                  Donn                ?R            

Brownshill    Road          Carlow
14/09/2012  14 Strandville Gardens, O'Callaghan Strand                Limerick   €220,000.0014                  Strandville         Gardens       

O'Callaghan   Strand
14/09/2012  17 Newbrook Grove, Mullingar                              Westmeat   €145,000.0017                  Newbrook            Grove         

14/09/2012  18 Ballycrone Manor, Kilcoole                             Wicklow    €167,500.0018                  Ballycrone          Manor         Kilcoole
14/09/2012  18 Haywood, Blessington                                   Wicklow    €227,500.0018                  Haywood             Blessington
14/09/2012  2  Croke Street, Thurles                                  Tipperar    €35,000.002                   Croke               Street        Thurles
14/09/2012  2 Cherrybrook, Ardee                                      Louth      €110,000.002                   Cherrybrook         Ardee
14/09/2012  2 Sutton Court, Seatown Place, Dundalk                    Louth      €113,000.002                   Sutton              Court         Seatown  

     Place         Dundalk
14/09/2012  21 Coille Fuinnseoige, Nenagh                             Tipperar   €110,000.0021                  Coille              Fuinnseoige   Nenagh
14/09/2012  21 Corish Park, Wexford                                   Wexford     €64,000.0021                  Corish              Park          Wexford
14/09/2012  213 Citywest Plaza, Citywest, Dublin 24                   Dublin      €95,000.00213                 Citywest            Plaza         Citywest 

     Dublin        24
14/09/2012  22 Camac Park, Bluebell, Dublin 12                        Dublin     €120,000.0022                  Camac               Park          Bluebell 

     Dublin        12
14/09/2012  22 Firgrove, Off Military Rod, Killiney                   Dublin     €180,000.0022                  Firgrove            Off           Military 

     Rod           Killiney
14/09/2012  22 Landscape Avenue, Churchtown                           Dublin     €420,000.0022                  Landscape           Avenue        

14/09/2012  24 Parkgate Place, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8              Dublin     €180,000.0024                  Parkgate            Place         Parkgate 

     Street        Dublin        8
14/09/2012  28 SEABURY WALK, MALAHIDE                                 Dublin     €290,000.0028                  Seabury             Walk          Malahide
14/09/2012  29 The Seasons, Carrigaline                               Cork       €192,500.0029                  The                 Seasons       

14/09/2012  3  Glen Ellan Park, Swords                                Dublin     €390,000.003                   Glen                Ellan         Park     

14/09/2012  31 Lower John Street, Shandon                             Cork        €25,000.0031                  Lower               John          Street   

14/09/2012  33 Rathmeel Lawns, Ballina                                Mayo        €60,000.0033                  Rathmeel            Lawns         Ballina
14/09/2012  34 Kevington Close, Grange Heights, Douglas               Cork       €240,000.0034                  Kevington           Close         Grange   

     Heights       Douglas
14/09/2012  35 Pinewoods Estate, Clondalkin                           Dublin     €123,000.0035                  Pinewoods           Estate        

14/09/2012  36 Coney Park, Coneyboro, Athy                            Kildare     €55,000.0036                  Coney               Park          

Coneyboro     Athy
14/09/2012  38 Rathdown Drive, Terenure                               Dublin     €640,000.0038                  Rathdown            Drive         Terenure
14/09/2012  39 Raymond Street, South Circular Road, Dublin 8          Dublin     €395,000.0039                  Raymond             Street        South    

     Circular      Road          Dublin
14/09/2012  4 BARRACK COURT, TALLOW                                   Waterfor   €120,000.004                   Barrack             Court         Tallow
14/09/2012  4 Castle Court, Kinnitty                                  Offaly      €80,000.004                   Castle              Court         Kinnitty
14/09/2012  4 Cowper Gardens, Rathmines, Dublin 6                     Dublin   €1,225,000.004                   Cowper              Gardens       

Rathmines     Dublin        6
14/09/2012  4 Fairview Terrace, Fairview                              Dublin     €170,000.004                   Fairview            Terrace       Fairview
14/09/2012  4 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3                Dublin     €337,000.004                   Mount               Prospect      Drive    

     Clontarf      Dublin        3
14/09/2012  46 Gracefield Road, Artane, Dublin 5                      Dublin     €280,000.0046                  Gracefield          Road          Artane   

     Dublin        5
14/09/2012  5 fontenoy tce, strand rd, bray                           Wicklow    €490,000.005                   Fontenoy            Terrace       Strand   

     Road          Bray
14/09/2012  5 Hampton Court, Vernon Ave, Clontarf                     Dublin     €470,000.005                   Hampton             Court         Vernon   

     Avenue        Clontarf
14/09/2012  50 Corrach Bui, Rahoon, Galway                            Galway      €77,500.0050                  Corrach             Bui           Rahoon   

14/09/2012  5a Whiterock Drive, Whitebrook, Wexford                   Wexford    €132,500.005A                  Whiterock           Drive         

Whitebrook    Wexford
14/09/2012  61 Elmbrook Walk, Lucan                                   Dublin     €145,000.0061                  Elmbrook            Walk          Lucan
14/09/2012  7 Riverwood Crescent, Castleknock                         Dublin     €210,000.007                   Riverwood           Crescent      

14/09/2012  70 Slade Castle Avenue, Saggart, County Dublin            Dublin     €135,000.0070                  Slade               Castle        Avenue   

     Saggart       County        Dublin
14/09/2012  8 Convent Hill Grove, Ballina                             Mayo        €60,000.008                   Convent             Hill          Grove    

14/09/2012  82 Walsh Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9                       Dublin     €161,000.0082                  Walsh               Road          

Drumcondra    Dublin        9
14/09/2012  9 Whitebridge Manor, Killarney                            Kerry      €142,000.009                   Whitebridge         Manor         

14/09/2012  Apt. 3D, The Lime Avenue, Countess Road  Killarney        Kerry       €95,000.00Apartment           3D                  The           Lime     

     Avenue        Countess      Road
14/09/2012  Aravon, 7 Sidmonton Square, Bray                          Wicklow  €1,040,000.00Aravon              7                   Sidmonton     Square   

14/09/2012  Ballinakill, Newtownshandrum, Charleville                 Cork        €95,000.00Ballinakill         Newtownshandrum     Charleville
14/09/2012  Ballingear, Portroe, Nenagh                               Tipperar   €185,000.00Ballingear          Portroe             Nenagh
14/09/2012  CRAIG, CREESLOUGH, LETTERKENNY                            Donegal     €43,500.00Craig               Creeslough          Letterkenny
14/09/2012  cuttymanhill, st johnston                                 Donegal    €140,969.00Cuttymanhill        St                  Johnston
14/09/2012  Dunamase, Cross Avenue, Botterstown                       Dublin   €2,250,000.00Dunamase            Cross               Avenue        

14/09/2012  Frascati, Trafalgar Road, Greystones                      Wicklow    €495,000.00Frascati            Trafalgar           Road          

14/09/2012  Kildara House, Stradbally East, Clarenbridge              Galway     €527,500.00Kildara             House               Stradbally    East     

14/09/2012  Knockalochta, Ballintubber, Castlerea                     Roscommo    €90,000.00Knockalochta        Ballintubber        Castlerea
14/09/2012  Knockbarron, Kinnitty, Birr                               Offaly     €155,500.00Knockbarron         Kinnitty            Birr
14/09/2012  Lehinch, Hollymount                                       Mayo        €50,000.00Lehinch             Hollymount
14/09/2012  Main Street, Ballinagare, Castlerea                       Roscommo    €18,000.00Main                Street              Ballinagare   

14/09/2012  Monure, Springhill, Killeshin                             Laois      €100,000.00Monure              Springhill          Killeshin
14/09/2012  No 40 St John's Squiare, Portlaoise                       Laois       €51,000.00No                  40                  St            John'S   

     Squiare       Portlaoise
14/09/2012  Oberstown, Tara                                           Meath      €190,000.00Oberstown           Tara
14/09/2012  Porziuncola, Ballinclea Road, Killiney                    Dublin     €550,000.00Porziuncola         Ballinclea          Road          Killiney
14/09/2012  Tuamgraney, County Clare                                  Clare       €70,000.00Tuamgraney          County              Clare
14/09/2012  Vermount, Menlough, Ballinasloe                           Galway     €145,000.00Vermount            Menlough            Ballinasloe
13/09/2012  10 St Thomas Mead, Mount Merrion                          Dublin     €555,000.0010                  St                  Thomas        Mead     

     Mount         Merrion
13/09/2012  116 Ulysses House, Viking Harbour, Ushers Island          Dublin      €63,333.00116                 Ulysses             House         Viking   

     Harbour       Ushers        Island
13/09/2012  24 Blackberry Glade, Arklow                               Wicklow    €154,000.0024                  Blackberry          Glade         Arklow
13/09/2012  25 Barrack Street, Drogheda                               Louth      €173,500.0025                  Barrack             Street        Drogheda
13/09/2012  35 Cross Lane, Chapel Street, Tralee                      Kerry       €39,000.0035                  Cross               Lane          Chapel   

     Street        Tralee
13/09/2012  37 Kylemore, Old  Schoolhouse Road, Monaleen              Limerick   €247,500.0037                  Kylemore            Old           

Schoolhouse   Road          Monaleen
13/09/2012  39 CASTAHEANY, CLONEE, DUBLIN 15                          Dublin     €230,000.0039                  Castaheany          Clonee        Dublin   

13/09/2012  44 St John's Avenue, Clondalkin                           Dublin     €180,000.0044                  St                  John'S        Avenue   

13/09/2012  48, Rathsallagh Park, Shankill                            Dublin      €82,775.0048                  Rathsallagh         Park          Shankill
13/09/2012  5 Beach Park, Laytown                                     Meath      €190,000.005                   Beach               Park          Laytown
13/09/2012  57 Elm Mount Avenue, Beaumont                             Dublin     €230,000.0057                  Elm                 Mount         Avenue   

13/09/2012  7 McNeela Terrace, Westport                               Mayo       €115,000.007                   Mcneela             Terrace       Westport
13/09/2012  7 The Osprey, Barnageeragh Cove, Skerries                 Dublin     €235,000.007                   The                 Osprey        

Barnageeragh  Cove          Skerries
13/09/2012  82 Huband Road, Bluebell                                  Dublin      €75,000.0082                  Huband              Road          Bluebell
13/09/2012  APT 1 CASTLEMURRAY, ST. JOHN'S POINT, DUNKINEELY          Donegal    €120,000.00Apartment           1                   Castlemurray  St.      

     John'S        Point         Dunkineely
13/09/2012  Ballindrimley, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon                   Roscommo    €40,000.00Ballindrimley       Castlerea           Co.           

13/09/2012  Ballybeg, Mallow                                          Cork       €240,000.00Ballybeg            Mallow
13/09/2012  Ballycarney, Carlow                                       Carlow     €125,000.00Ballycarney         Carlow
13/09/2012  Coolcotts Lane, Coolcotts                                 Wexford     €50,000.00Coolcotts           Lane                Coolcotts
13/09/2012  Corcullen, Moycullen, Co. Galway                          Galway      €70,000.00Corcullen           Moycullen           Co.           Galway
13/09/2012  croaghross, portsalon                                     Donegal    €190,000.00Croaghross          Portsalon
13/09/2012  Drumcannon, Gleneely                                      Donegal     €40,000.00Drumcannon          Gleneely
13/09/2012  House No. 2  Chiplee, Hawkes Road, Bishopstown            Cork       €235,000.00House               No.                 2             Chiplee  

     Hawkes        Road          Bishopstown
13/09/2012  Knockanannig, Rahan, Mallow                               Cork       €160,000.00Knockanannig        Rahan               Mallow
13/09/2012  Knockataggle More, Kilcummin, Killarney                   Kerry      €155,000.00Knockataggle        More                Kilcummin     

13/09/2012  No. 2 Tulach Rua, Courtbrack, Blarney                     Cork       €185,022.00No.                 2                   Tulach        Rua      

     Courtbrack    Blarney
13/09/2012  North Parade, Gorey                                       Wexford    €200,000.00North               Parade              Gorey
13/09/2012  The Cottage, Walshestown                                  Dublin     €145,000.00The                 Cottage             Walshestown
13/09/2012  Toreen South, Bantry                                      Cork       €100,000.00Toreen              South               Bantry
12/09/2012  1 Bayview Drive, Newtown Road, Wexford                    Wexford     €87,250.001                   Bayview             Drive         Newtown  

     Road          Wexford
12/09/2012  122 Ashfield Rise, Balbriggan                             Dublin     €129,000.00122                 Ashfield            Rise          

12/09/2012  149 Herberton Road, Rialto, Dublin 8                      Dublin     €150,000.00149                 Herberton           Road          Rialto   

     Dublin        8
12/09/2012  15  Ardfield Crescent, Grange, Douglas                    Cork       €183,000.0015                  Ardfield            Crescent      Grange   

12/09/2012  17 Grange Manor, Tulsk                                    Roscommo    €57,000.0017                  Grange              Manor         Tulsk
12/09/2012  1A  Riverside Estate, Midleton                            Cork       €197,000.001A                  Riverside           Estate        Midleton
12/09/2012  1A Columbanus Avenue, Dundrum, Dublin                     Dublin     €362,000.001A                  Columbanus          Avenue        Dundrum  

12/09/2012  1A The Avenue, Eaton Wood, Shankill                       Dublin     €350,000.001A                  The                 Avenue        Eaton    

     Wood          Shankill
12/09/2012  2 Curkish, Bailieborough                                  Cavan      €178,000.002                   Curkish             Bailieborough
12/09/2012  20 Castlepark Avenue, Dunboyne Road, Maynooth             Kildare    €242,290.0020                  Castlepark          Avenue        Dunboyne 

     Road          Maynooth
12/09/2012  209A Forest Hill, Rathcoole                               Dublin     €165,000.00209A                Forest              Hill          

12/09/2012  21 MONTROSE DRIVE, ARTANE                                 Dublin     €205,000.0021                  Montrose            Drive         Artane
12/09/2012  21 Northcliffe, Chapelizod, Dublin 20                     Dublin     €115,000.0021                  Northcliffe         Chapelizod    Dublin   

12/09/2012  22 Racecourse Lawn, Oakpark, Tralee                       Kerry      €160,000.0022                  Racecourse          Lawn          Oakpark  

12/09/2012  24 MOYLARAGH AVENUE, BALBRIGGAN                           Dublin     €102,000.0024                  Moylaragh           Avenue        

12/09/2012  25 Ashhaven, Maree Road, Oranmore                         Galway     €280,000.0025                  Ashhaven            Maree         Road     

12/09/2012  26 Beachside Drive, Riverchapel, Gorey                    Wexford     €80,000.0026                  Beachside           Drive         

Riverchapel   Gorey
12/09/2012  26 The Willows, Rathmullen Road, Drogheda                 Louth       €65,000.0026                  The                 Willows       

Rathmullen    Road          Drogheda
12/09/2012  29 Achill Square, Waterville, Dublin 15                   Dublin     €117,886.1729                  Achill              Square        

Waterville    Dublin        15
12/09/2012  31 Ashfield, Drogheda                                     Louth      €210,000.0031                  Ashfield            Drogheda
12/09/2012  31 Loughcrew Hills, Oldcastle                             Meath       €18,502.2031                  Loughcrew           Hills         


When I tried to save m cleanup changes, it told me the cells were protected. Am I doing something tremendously stupid?

  1. It autosaves.
  2. The cells are OPEN after 1600 onwards. If you find a problem in a protected range then note it in the thread here. We will test them in blocks of 1000 later on.

Is the idea here to have the correct info or more accurate mapping?

Google has spelling mistakes too.

P.S. Should there be a checkbox to say Done.
I’ve done County Monaghan up to 3004.

Never mind complaining, either work or don’t. :frowning:

It was an honest query mister grumpy.

Are you volunteering for the test phase, starting Monday, the testers will be told how to locate anomalies and believe me there are plenty …mainly in the data not Google. :frowning:

1% of all addresses were cleaned this morning alone. Thanks to all who are helping with the crowdsource!!!

I’ll split into 2 crowdsource workflows after the weekend, cleaning and testing. Testing is a bit arcane. :slight_smile:

WTF? Calm down. I stated above that I was helping.

Maybe another column is required.

The Google Maps Hack column.
The incorrect spelling but will work with google’s incorrectly spelled locations on their maps and so will poiint to the correct location column.

I think the first title is snappier.

I can add extra columns/cells ONCE I get the first 10000 cells cleaned and move them offsheet to a testing sheet on Monday.

It is EVIDENT that a record is cleaned ( basically) once the Area/Town is populated. I would add DONE to a testing sheet later.

Right now I am on the limit of cells for a Google spreadsheet and run the risk of corrupting it if I add more. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a bit this morning - from around 650 ish up to 1600. I’ve just tidied up the addresses and populated the Area/ Town. Its funny to see the green square following me around adding in data that I’m not able to add!

That green square is another user, as long as they stay out of your cell then no worries. We are flying through it now Mrs McPee.

Note on blocks of flats. The following cleanup methods work. Use apartment or flat


[ 10, 86 Reuben Street , Rialto, 8, Dublin , Dublin City**Apartment* * (Google Maps)

[ 10, 86 Reuben Street, Rialto, 8, Dublin, Dublin City**Flat* * (Google Maps)

For what its worth 2Pack, I have been using the full word “Apartment” rather than “Apt”. Hope this helps and also helps to minimise any further clean ups.

Absolutely Mrs Mc. Dont put a full stop or comma anywhere, eg use **either **of these in Address/Fixed

Apartment 1 12 High Street
Flat 1 12 High Street

The map drops right onto 12 High street which is the important thing.

Apt.1, BooHoo Mansion, 12 High Street will not work.

If you do use Flat for ease then every cell starting flat can be bulk converted to Apartment later ( in a jiffy) , you will see the link works on right anyway.

Again, I should add that I am stripping out all punctuation such as inverted commas on house name and anyfull stops after a house number. Please tell me I’ve done the right thing