Property Price Register tomorrow - What will be the surprise

There is nothing there on When it will be available exactly?

probably best to stick to the other thread for that discussion


people still thinking may go live sometime today

Eh, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned in the other thread, but there’s an article in todays SBP entitled “Property Price Register finally launched” (pg2).

First two paragraphs…

A new register of property prices will be launched today by the PRSA.
The authority’s chief executive, Tom Lynch had promised that the register would be launched “by the end September 2012”, but made no promise about the database being online or searchable. He said “every effort” would be made to bring it online “at the earliest possible opportunity”.

Looks like evilal might be accurate re: fucking it up :frowning:

They tied themselves down to having something done by the end of this month. Unfortunately, they’re using this excuse that it’s ‘online’ to get out of actually releasing it, even though we have no proof that they have any actual information ‘online’ yet. What a farse.

Doesn’t save the original advert which was my point.

I believe that Shatter is not well/available at the moment.
I imagine that he will want to launch the site himself, so until he is in a position to do so, we might well be kept waiting.

Well, you were way off. Left-most column is the number of sales.

406 3820 53742 ppr/PPR-2012-01-Dublin.csv
441 4151 58166 ppr/PPR-2012-02-Dublin.csv
538 5841 74448 ppr/PPR-2012-03-Dublin.csv
451 4252 59587 ppr/PPR-2012-04-Dublin.csv
616 5901 81836 ppr/PPR-2012-05-Dublin.csv
819 8748 114900 ppr/PPR-2012-06-Dublin.csv
801 8418 110159 ppr/PPR-2012-07-Dublin.csv
710 6847 94782 ppr/PPR-2012-08-Dublin.csv
249 2296 32648 ppr/PPR-2012-09-Dublin.csv

Ok I am surprised after all.
Checked a house which sold a few months back.
It had an asking price of 370k and I had assumed it went for a bit below that, turns out it sold for 405k.

Ok folks, I’m closing this thread as the register is now online, please continue in viewtopic.php?f=4&t=32161