Property Price Register

The property price register has a certain amount of information about properties that were sold available on it.
I know the property websites like daft and myhome have also got this PPR information on their sites.

Are they allowed match them up to ‘sold’ adverts on their own site so that the property price register is supplemented with photos and further information on the property?

They seem to do this sometimes, but not all the time…
It’s quite helpful, but is it going beyond the remit of the property price register? Is it allowed?

There’s nothing stopping anyone from doing such matching, other than the historically poor quality of the data. It’s certainly not illegal if that’s what you mean.

The property websites customers are estate agents not advantage to EAs to link these so wont happen. Also the data is shite, all that money on Eir Codes you think they would require them for listings and PPR…