Property Price Register

Hi All,

New to the forum so hoping some of the old hands can answer this question for me.

Every so often when I check the property price register I come across a house sold with two ** after the sold price.

These asterisks refer to ** - Denotes Not Full Market Price.

My question is under what circumstances is a property sold for less than the market price? Between family members, NAMA or…?

Do these properties generally come to market?


Sale to family member or marriage break up when one party buys the other out

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

Is the Price Register reliable?

Today’s IT points to inexplicable discrepancies between the sale prices for Garda Stations, as announced in Dail Eireann by the Minister for Finance, compared to the Property Price Register. … -1.3591196

Here’s a notable example:

ConfirmIng the IT report: … nd-248041/