Property Prices in Clonskeagh/Goatstown

Hi all,

I’ve been a long time reader of the Pin but this is my first post. Myself and my husband are finally ready to take the plunge and buy our first property. After much searching we’ve settled on the Clonskeagh/Goatstown area. Clonskeagh would be our preference. We have a budget of circa €600K.

We went to view 2 houses last weekend (links below) and I’d be keen to get some input from Pinsters on the asking prices and relative value for money. I had mixed feelings about both.

Property 1 - … 14/3590452
Had been given a very superficial renovation without any structural work i.e. a lick of paint, new flooring and a basic kitchen refit (it is currently rented) but the layout is strange and would need fixing, the property is also on a noisy road.

Property 2 - … 14/3480857
I really like this road, it’s very peaceful and a lot of the properties have been renovated and extended. The house is very large but again it is an unusual layout with a granny flat and the house was a bit grubby and definitely in need of renovation. At a minimum it would need to be plastered, painted, new floors and new bathrooms (they were really grim/beyond cleaning) The garden was amazing but I feel we are paying a premium for granny flat that we don’t need.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts.


Do you have teenaged children?

Kids take a loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time to finish education, get established, move out these days so you might be glad of the granny flat.

No kids yet… something to think about though, it could be useful in future years.


I saw that Bird Avenue property and felt there wasn’t much value in it. If your budget is 600k I assume you would have no money left to do the renovations? I really don’t think I could live with that kitchen for any period of time, did you not find it was worse than the pictures? And the loo needs to be redone. I didn’t see Gledswood but it looks far superior to me

Re the granny flat I would not purchase it on a whim, only if you have a clear use for it (family member).

It might make sense to let it long term although you would want to be very careful that it is consistent with the new regs.

Thanks for the responses.

Sala - I agree with you re: the kitchen and bathroom. We would have access to approx. €50k for renovations so that wouldn’t be an issue but I share your opinion that I didn’t see much value. The Gledswood house is in much worse condition than it appears in the photos and would need more money to bring it up to standard than the Bird Ave house but you’d probably have a much nicer house at the end of it.

Skippy 3 - Good advice, I have a feeling that when the granny flat was built the regs were a lot looser !

Barney Gumble - Exactly my fear - I spend €600k on a house that then becomes a money pit requiring €150K plus spent on it.

Have you thought about the Dundrum side of Churchtown? Prices are about 100,000 cheaper. You could buy a 3-bed 1960s semi in the Weston area for about 500-550K and put the 150K in to it. We did it about 7 years ago (but paid pre-bubble burst prices for our place (675K)). We ended up with a 5 bed, 171 metre squared house with a 130 ft long garden. Having said that, we are a family of 5 and would want to move to something bigger soon.

Good luck

Just heard Bird Avenue is already at 630. Ouch.

Really - I’m surprised that someone has offered full asking so soon. I think a lot of people get carried away by a fresh lick of paint. The noisy road would be the biggest issue for me.

I totally agree, especially when it comes to the cost of renovations. Some of the houses we’ve seen around Clonskeagh could easily do with a €150 - €200K investment.

Thanks! It is still early days in the search so I am hopeful we will get something in Clonskeagh. As time goes on though, I have no doubt we will need to widen the net :unamused:

Very curious to see how you got on!