property sq ft

A certain estate agent local to sandymount is selling a nice house - 75 tritonville road. The only problem is I can’t understand how the agent arrives at the 1500 sq ft. Even when I add in the garage (which is usually excluded) and I increase the overall total by 10% (for walls etc) I still can not get anywhere near the total advertised. The thing is, when I do the maths for other agents I get broadly within the quoted sq footage, but not in this case.

Nice house but buyer beware.

Rough calculation based on plans, I’m coming in around 120 mtr sq.

1500 sq ft looks about right excluding the garage - take the first floor - 8.2m x 6.8m excluding internal walls. Now the 8.2m looks wrong because the ground floor is 8.6m and there isn’t evidence of an extension. Also the RICS guide to measuring the gross internal area would include internal walls and 1/2 external walls but put that to one side for the minute.

Floor 1 = 8.6 x 6.8

Floor 0 is more complicated because the plan shows the garage incorporated whereas from the photos it’s not - it looks like the area behind the garage though is accommodation. So the ground floor would be 8.6 x 6.8 PLUS 2.4 x 3.7approx.

So that would be 128m approx excluding internal walls and 1/2 external. x 10.76 to convert to sq ft and that’s 1414 sq ft. 96 sq ft for half external walls and internal walls? Quite possible.

So yes 1500 sq ft excluding garage looks about right.

Very roughly the EA has multiplied the entire width of the property (incl garage) by the length, then multiplied by two and rounded down.

The width is 4.1+2.9+2.4m or roughly 30ft. The length is 3.9+3.9m or roughly 26ft. That’s 780sq ft. And doubling it to count both floors is 1560sq ft. Then in some crazy attempt to make up for the fact that not only does the garage not count as floor space but neither does the empty space above it and the pantry and downstairs toilet, the agent rounds it down to 1500sq ft.

I’ve seen this type of nutty calculation quite a bit. There was a thread here recently about a house on the SCR where the EA had included the side return x2 in the floor space as he had just (multiplied total width by total length)x2 then rounded down from 1780 to 1700, when the actual sq ft was closer to 1400.

The actual floor space of this house is more like 1240sq ft.