Property tax and council charges

My quarry relates to the new property tax and current charges by the council when being granted planning permission for building works. At the moment these charges are requested for upkeep of community parks, water, streets, etc. will these not be covered in the new property tax from July? If these charges continue to be requested will that not be double paying?
I would appreciate any advice on this as considering putting in application for large extension and Changing of use from commercial to residential use?

Technically Development Contributions are not “requested for upkeep of community parks, water, streets, etc”. Officially they are imposed to cover the capital costs of providing new roads, widening existing roads and providing/upgrading public spaces. The Property Tax is ostensibly supposed to fund day to day services. So I don’t think you’ll get far with the double payment argument unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply,
However I noticed in a recent grant of permission that they sought charges of €13,000 as contribution to community parks etc, and upkeep of roads and water etc so wondered will new property tax not go to these as well, they are both payments to the local council are they not?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out

All the money goes into one pot. None of it covers anything specific. It’s not even funding “local” services really since central govt makes up any shortfall in local funding. So car tax, levies, VAT, property tax etc all basically go into the same big pot.

That isn’t entirely true Mantissa, by law (2000 Planning Act) development levies can only be spent on land servicing infrastructure and other capital spending. However you are right in the sense that income from the other sources goes into one pot.

Sure, but if there are fewer levies one year, govt funding increases. If the council gets loads of levies, funding decreases. And so there is no link between the level of levies and the level of capital spending. Or do I misunderstand the system?

A proper dev contribution condition attached to a planning permission will list out proportionately which department is ‘allocated’ the contribution; water, roads, parks etc. Some local authorities do this quite diligently and would specify sums - e.g. for public parks and recreation, improvemements to the watermain being carried in the general area where the permission is granted etc. You could in theory argue a double payment in such an instance. To query any figure you could appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanala once you were happy you had a cogent reason to in reference to the Development Levies contribution Scheme which is set by the elected members of a local authority generally on an annual basis (but which a lot of local authorities are reluctanct to make easily available onlne :-/).