Property Tax due to be Deducted from Half a Million Bank Acc

Was checking bank accounts last night and saw a DD from the revenue commissioners for an eye watering amt,I initially thought my account had been scammed and was quite worried further sums would be taken…

I was right on both counts. :slight_smile:


The wording on the DD is particularly poor. Not a mention of LPT in it…

Like how hard would that have been?

I would immediately have twigged it instead I spent a worrying half an hour last night wondering why the hell revenue (if it was them) were deducting DDs unannounced. :unamused:

I was trying to remember if I had paid; thought I had done so but no confirmation email in inbox. After digging out the letter and going to pay turns out I had paid!!

Revenue are generally professional and efficient but seriously why no confirmation email?

I reckon my idea of eye watering is a lot different than most on this site.:slight_smile:

Relates to rental properties anyway.!story/Home … 6c9ed67e6d

I think the news Revenue had mapping software which could show, on a street by street basis, what each house has paid would have spooked some people … -1.1817050

Revenue have been more than fair imo in the time they have given to pay the household charge before compulsory deduction

Government TDs warn of rebellion over property tax … -1.1851916

Not surprised. I’m hearing a lot of SCD pub bore types referring to this as a “Dublin tax” and bitching about “culchies stealing from Dublin”. It might seem idiotic but these people have votes and while they are mostly in favour of a property tax, they invariably think somebody else should pay it.

Not surprised either - prob fairer if they’d only gone with the recommended site value tax instead of property value and it also would have avoided so much messing around also.

Unacceptable because they’d still be paying more. The SCD pub bores invariably want a sq ft prop tax and thus further penalise the smallest houses in western Europe for daring to deviate from the norm.

I am wrong to presume that a site valuation tax is in the future but that the current system is in place as it is easier to set up and monitor? Yes, property values are approximate but most people don’t know the precise size of their site and deciding how much the site is worth would be some what more complicated.

Moving to the fairer system will give kudos to which ever Gov brings it in…

Anecdote alert:

A friend of mine was renting an apartment in a large block in Rathmines until maybe two years ago. This block of apartments was completed in 2008 and none have ever sold. I am quite certain that the loans are owned by NAMA.

I’m also quite certain that all lettings are handled by the same, well known, “multi-disciplinary property advisory practice”. In any case her letting was managed by this agency. I’m not sure whether this is on behalf of the developer or NAMA.

As I’ve said, she moved out quite some time ago and is now renting elsewhere.

Recently, she called into the Revenue office to ask about tax credits against rent paid. She was told that because she owns a property in Rathmines these tax credits had been taken from her. She was told to ring a different branch of Revenue to ask them to take her name off the list of people who hadn’t paid their property tax.

Apparently, the person she then spoke to told her that if she hadn’t contacted them the rest of the money that she ‘owed’ them would have been deducted from her account this month. Until this point she had never received any communication from them asking her to pay any property tax.[/anecdote]

How on earth could this have happened accidentally?

Who is supposed to be paying tax on that property?

And the sky has’nt fallen in- no calls to Joe Duffy, no taking over of churches

State takes property tax from 46,000 non-payers … 43560.html

It is very unfortunate that they are not charged costs of Revenue contacting them, employers doing extra work etc

Pretty tired myself of collecting taxes for the GOV to be honest. It’s a major enough workload and cost with serious penalties to boot, which I have like many in business fallen prey to on occasion. I’ve yet to meet someone in business who has not had some kind of tussle with Revenue in this regards and especially after the last few years.

Yet the majority of public or those working in state agencies never seem to ever face such penal exactitude when they balls things up (costing us all at times millions and billions in some cases) as there is no real attempt to reign in or of their day to day responsibilities with some for of correction pr penalty when they fail to service to King & Country except to apply it in a mean and stealthy way.

Which when applied to us collector drone units (from anecdotal evidence posted here) can sometimes be served on the back of a napkin signed with power of the entire state and it’s courts that threatens directly their day to day or livelihood of those on the outside with little or no due regard to the inequitable fiduciary relationship in play.

The nature of how the tax system is constructed here keeps the majority in a manageable slumber. A very compelling root cause I think that little get done about much when it all boils down to it.

Never mind collecting taxes for them OW, they don’t have to receipt expenses! I spend my life trying to get taxi receipts to sit still while I close the lid of the scanner and accounting for every penny expensed :frowning: