Property tax is a tax on hope (and kills kittens too)

I’m sure most pinsters will agree with the sentiment:

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Bit of a strange thing to say. The ‘yet’ (which looks like it was tacked on later) implies that everyone will eventually pay it - thus negating the argument just made.

Whinge, whinge, renters are getting away with not having to pay, blah, blah, blah.
Houses are for shelter, they are not hope.

As a renter I am already bailing out idiots and no doubt will be hit in future even more so fuck off John McGuirk.

Edit: oops, freudian slip. It happens when I get enraged.

While I’m not a massive fan of property taxes the current reality of Ireland is that those who don’t own property subsidise those who do. When you own your house you’re also availing of services which have to be paid for.

Renters do pay for those services, it’s called “rent”. Whether the landlord in turn is paying for the provision of those services to his tenant is a separate issue, right now he isn’t.

Income tax is a tax on hope too.

imagine being an apartment owner or gated community dwelling owner.

they currently have to pay management fees

and coming very soon
property tax
higher refuse rate
water rates
community levy - (these last 3 may be dressed up as a poll tax of sorts)

God help them!

I have always been a renter, never will be a buyer (unless the lotto comes good) in this opressive system.

Living in my place 6+ years, no rent increases and have seen the landlord 4 times in that time period, just like owing the place without the headache of paying for it.

IMO renting trumps paying over the odds.

I wonder does he feel the same about peope who cycle on the roads not paying road tax.

It’s laughable to suggest the renters would be exempted. Would the landlords be exempted? I don’t see how they could be… so it’s for them to pass the charge onto the renter.

What a crock of shite, for starters if we had property tax/rates whatever you want to call it in place for the last ten years then a bubble wouldnt have formed or at least not as bad as the one that did.
So it would have been a positive tax, but that doesnt get you extra votes or let you lend as much money or push the price up as far as you have does it? :unamused:

A tax on property is a tax on the dreams and aspirations of …a lot of fucking sheep who dont know any better and if told to put their hand in the fire would only ask “how far” FFS as the ability to think independently is a lost art on this scam ridden island.

“Owning ones home is a sign of success” tell that to the people in negative equity.

Why should a mortgage be paid over 30 or 40 years? When interest rates begin to rise you will be paying it over ten or buying for cash in some instances.

How is buying a house investing in your future? What is this some type of dickonomics?

Looks like hope’s in negative equity too.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Classic although that probably means Faith and Charity are f**ked altogether.

Eh, didn’t stop bubbles in the UK, the US, Spain, etc. So I think, like having the punt instead of the euro, that is an assertion that is lacking in comparative backing. Stamp duty didn’t exactly slow the market down…

was just thinking this myself. I’d love a nice 10 reg 5 series but income tax doesn’t leave me with enough cash to buy one. Where’s my bleeding heart article?

says fucking who? I rent, I could buy but that wouldn’t leave me with a 15 minute walk to work and less property related monthly outgoings

most of my dreams involve Cheryl Cole and at least one other member of girls aloud 8- Get a life man :smiley:

If I ever buy it will be to obtain a permanent place of residence pal

there is an option you haven’t examined, instead of home ownership try renting

You also have the option of renting. As someone else said do you whine that cyclists don’t pay road tax?

Change the record mate

Mortgage interest relief has for the past decade been almost 10 times what rent relief is. My heart bleeds. :unamused:

Can anyone name a tax that is only borne by a supplier with none of it passed on to purchasers?

Bad writing here. What he meant to say was owning one’s own home is perceived as a sign of etx. etc. In which case he is right - like other bits of conventional wisdom owning your own house is often regarded as a step up from renting. There’s a whole host of these in Ireland (probably magnified in rural Ireland) - studying/worker; non-driver/driver; single/married for example - where you’re expected to ‘progress’ to the second of these categories, and if you don’t there’s something odd about you (or that you’re a failure of some sort).

Too true it will drive rents up on properties in good areas

Just another VI, surprised he didn’t claim a property tax was anti-family and therefore anti-constitutional.

When this comes in people who thought they were property owners will now be paying “rent” in the form of property taxes.

When you are required to “rent” on your own property from the government by paying property taxes on it, you are being forbidden to fully exercise your right of ownership.

Even though you own the property, you are forced into the position of a lessee, with the government the landlord.

I do seem to remember the property VIs talking about paying “rent” being dead money some time ago.

Also when the tax is priced at 2% of the arbitrarily assigned value of your property, you will be paying twice for your property over your lifetime assuming you live in one place for over 30 years.

By your logic some fellow could buy up the whole earth and claim that it is all “his”.

Which isn’t very realistic. How can someone say “this land belongs to me and no one else”?

It makes far more sense to talk in terms of somebody being given certain rights over a plot of land, and for him to pay a consideration (to a national body of people who could legitimately claim to have certain rights over this land also) for these ‘rights’. Such a contract would have due regard for his desire and right to shelter, security, status etc.

Sure, he may own outright any construction placed on his plot. But it is nonsensical to talk about him ‘owning’ the land. Rather, he has certain ‘rights’ over it.

In this aspect (as well as many others), property tax introduces a bit more sanity into things.