Property Tax only 25% have paid.


Good point, JTF.


Me? I would do the opposite to what you are claiming Revenue will do. I would start with those people who have been sent an LPT assessment and have not paid the tax by the due date. If people are not compliant with one tax then it’s a fair bet that they haven’t been fully compliant with others. That is the position that Revenue has consistently taken. A record of late tax filings is one of the criteria that adds to the weighting when choosing targets for audit. They won’t be choosing to go after tax payers on the basis that they have actually paid LPT.

What do you base the latter upon ? Those that have paid are most likely to be ones that wish not to be audited because of the obvious and yes we have not reached a deadline but remember it has been proven that 10% non compliance by the populous of a state is enough to cause anarchy and bring a state to its knees (remember Sunning-dale ).
In fact less than 24% have filed hence a major problem for Hogans Boys.


I’d say that it’s too early to make a call as the deadline has not been passed yet.


As I already said I based it on published Revenue policy. Your personal speculation contradicts that and also what any professional tax adviser I know will tell you; if you have a clear record you are less likely to be audited and if you miss deadlines you are more likely to be audited.

Your comment about 10% non-compliance is one of the most ridiculous I’ve seen on here in quite some time. Are you really suggesting it doesn’t matter what form non-compliance takes? In that case how do you explain the fact that our state hasn’t been brought to its knees decades ago. We’ve always had around 90% non-compliance with the speed limits haven’t we? By your reckoning that should have caused anarchy long ago. Sunningdale (why the hyphen?) was brought down by actions a lot more militant than people not having gone to the trouble of signing up for a tax a month in advance of the deadline. The comparison is idiotic.


I note that JhonnyTheFox has based his response to my post on published Revenue policy which at best is a simple variable and at worst just a waste of ink and manpower a bit like Croke Park 2 .
It is not now and never was and will never be economically prudent to pursue over 10% of the population for an unpaid tax through the court system.
How you juxtapose speed limits with unpaid tax is beyond me and I think Jhonnythefox should simply let the hare sit.
Regards Richie


But they won’t be pursuing 10% through the courts. They’ll just deduct it from benefits or wages. Unless the 10% arm themselves and take to the barricades, they’ll achieve little more than interest and penalties for their troubles.


Bring on the revolution.


I see you have conveniently omitted the reference to tax advisers confirming that this is the reality in practice and not just a policy on paper.

Who mentioned anything about pursuing people through the courts? The point at issue was whether having submitted an LPT return on time left a taxpayer more likely (your contention - backed by your personal conjecture only) or less likely (my contention - backed by practice on the ground) to be selected for an audit on their other income. Given that you found it necessary to move the goalposts to a completely different field rather than addressing the point under discussion I think we can assume that you now accept, although you are unwilling to acknowledge it openly, that your original contention was rubbish.

Um, of course it was a ridiculous comparison. Intentionally so for illustration. It was just as ridiculous as your drawing a parallel between the mayhem that preceded the Sunningdale collapse on the one hand, and people doing what they always have done, waiting until the deadline is on top of them before submitting a tax return, on the other.

Best bank holiday regards to you too.


An update from the Indo. Almost 20k people paid the Household Charge (not the new LPT) last week alone. The prospect of Revenue taking over the reins seems to have had the intended effect. 1.2m households have now paid the Household Charge with eight weeks to go before Revenue, rather than the Local Authorities, will start chasing it. … 44149.html

Even if only those who have already paid the Household Charge pay the LPT by May 28, and no other refusniks are flushed out in the meantime, then we can expect to see that figure triple rather than double.


Having seen the mailing from Revenue for property tax I can only despair.

“Wordy” is the description I would use, and that’s being kind.

And it’s bloodly complicated to figure out how to actually pay the fizzing tax.

But worst of all, I’m sure it has struck terror in the hearts of a lot of elderly people who can’t figure it out, and who don’t use computers. This is Ireland.


I paid my LPT today online. After much internal wrangling I accepted the rather conservative Revenue estimate.

I live in a neighbourhood of thousands of identical houses, so my limp justification was that they have no excuse for getting the estimate wrong.

As I hit “submit” there were voices in my head shouting “TAX EVADER!!!” but I’ll learn to live with the guilt of possibly depriving the Revenue of €50 or whatever.


I am amazed at the amount of correspondence I am receiving from various resident associations all advocating/arguing that owners make returns below the revenue estimate (Often citing sales of local derelict properties).

It is funny how these residents associations (D4) always seem to be dominated by poor pensioners who are well able to articulate and reason why their property is worth 36% to 58% of my EA’s valuations.


sounds like conspiracy to defraud? :smiley:

seriously, could you scan/photograph and upload (to for example)?


The same Revenue official quoted in the original article is now reporting that the number of returns has more than doubled since this report two weeks ago. So it was just over 50% with 12 days to go. So if returns keep coming in at the current rate of 30k per day (not accounting for any further spike during the final few days before the deadline) then it should be pushing 75% by the time the deadline comes. That would suggest a compliance rate up front equivalent to the level that the household charge is only now starting to reach a year after the deadline. It seems that moving this to Revenue has had the intended effect.!story/Home … 4d98058503


I know, right? Having a tax collected by professional tax collectors is more effective that using random public servants. Who would have thought? :unamused:


It’s the same as saying that a muscle-bound loan shark will get a better return on his investment than a scrawny one, people know not to mess with the taxman!


Yes, that’s obvious to most of us, but the OP didn’t seem to get it.


Today is the deadline for online applications. … -1.1408146

#39 … -1.1408154
“This cruel form of double taxation may not last”

rather odd headline given the rest of the piece; I thought I was clicking on a piece by RBB or a well upholstered member of the middle class like Tom McGurk

maybe - if you ignore the 90-100% mortgages that pumped up the bubble and the very average punters who became property millionaires because they were lucky enough to buy in the right areas 30 years ago


Deadline extended to 8pm tomorrow … -1.1408699