Property Tax only 25% have paid.


You do understand self assessment? I hope you are not self employed.

The powers granted to the Revenue to facilitate the collection of this are an extraordinary extension of their legal powers. Almost at the customs level.

I couldnt be arsed with the HC (my better half did that). I filed this one promptly.


Yes, of course I understand it. I also understand that there is no objective way to value a property until it’s sold. Both Daft and Revenue agreed on the typical valuation of the properties in the area, which is below a couple of actual sales of vaguely similar (but significantly improved) houses.

Blah, blah, self-justification. You have me feeling guilty now.


I paid based on valuation of about 65% of what the revenue supplied. One neighbour had chatted to a EA and he paid the same. I advised another neighbour on what I was submitting and he was going to do the same.


About a fifth of my colleagues paid this yesterday. If that’s the same as the national average, then the rate of compliance for this new tax will prove to be very high, perhaps higher than the Revenue’s target rate of 80% compliance.


North of 1.68m returns made to date (includes 160k local authority properties)

84% compliance (the power of revenue)


I was nearly overrun with the Stampede with people running around trying to pay on time thanks be to God that our Government used its discretion and extended its deadline by one day otherwise all hell could of broke loose.
Fucking Liars.


Mystic Meg probably 20% correct but I doubt it.


what kind of clown leaves it this late?

“tough guys” who bottled it in the end?



The people you vote for and the parties you vote for are telling you lies it is true that 37% of people returned the Lpt form but what percentage of the 37% actually paid the bill absolutely amazing
how fucking dumb the registered media believe that people are.


Let them produce the figures in a detailed spread sheet or for ever shut the fuck up.


I believe the figure is closer to 85% than 37% :slight_smile:


What the hell are you on about?


If you read through the thread from the start it would appear he is on an ill-informed crusade and is now venting his frustration at the fact his predictions fell so wide of the mark.


Are you not the silly billy around here? Figures published on Monday (not to be believed) from the revenue stated that 500000 had not returned the form and Joe public is expected to accept that 400000 people ran out and paid this tax between 9am Monday and 5pm Wednesday .
The revenue was asked on the 3rd of May for the figures relating to the LPT and the amount of home owners that conformed and due to the complexity’s involved in tabulating such matters revenue was unable to answer and yet a few hours after the deadline figures are available and the figures are utter bollix.
Anybody on here that has an issue with what I am saying has the opportunity and the right to provide official information that states the contrary otherwise shut the fuck up.


:laughing: That’s a bad dose of denial you’ve got going on there. It’s hard to count paper returns, but it takes about three seconds to accurately count the online ones.


back to the drawing boards so


a lack of punctuation makes sentences very hard to read ann and barry went to the zoo I don’t like the new daft punk song


I would have thought the ‘official information’ your looking for people to publish is contained in the 1st line of your rant and subsequent updates from the Revenue since then…they are the crowd who run this so how ‘official’ can you get :unamused:


But that’s not official information, it’s just part of the official cover-up. :nin