Property Tax only 25% have paid.

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you still acting the big fella richie?


LPT Due again in full on 01/01/14.

NPPR due this weekend (just as a reminder)


All social housing stock has been marked as paid and if you think about in long enough it is the same as passing a fiver from one hand to the other and proclaiming success not to mention the 130000 + in mortgage arrears who simply cant pay and then we have got the dissenters like me which leaves me to reckon we have some creative accounting going on.Let us all see the official figurative data.
Put up or shut up you clown.




Nah, he didn’t say anything about slasher’s nationality/ancestors.


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enjoy paying the late fees!


Could we look at the actual data instead of the figurative data? Like this maybe:

So, 1.55m out of 1.69 have filed, or just shy of 92%. That’s excellent compliance.

Congratulations, you are the 8%.


Where is the data? it takes approx 24 hours to tabulate the results of a general election, where is the data? it is simply not available because the Bastards are telling fooking lies.


I gave you the data. What do you want, a list of names & addresses? Do you expect to get that for people who pay income tax? VAT? VRT?


What do you base your figures upon? the same crowd of gombeens that stated Irish banks were solvent and the Country did not need a bailout or do you just swallow all that your told? Like I said official figures required or fuck off.


That was from the Revenue Commissioners. Do you think they’re lying?


I do so love when discourse is raised to such a level…