Property tycoon eyes Ireland as new base for millions of Hong Kong citizens


Donal O’Donovan

June 23 2020 01:10 PM
Ireland is being eyed as the location for a new city that would be a base for potentially millions of Hong Kong citizens considering leaving as China tightens its grip on the city.

The proposed 'charter-city’ would have its own regulations and tax regime, like Hong Kong which has thrived as a free market at the edge of China for decades.

Hong Kong property tycoon Ivan Ko is reported to be scouring the globe for a location to create a new version of Hong Kong, with Ireland top of his wish-list, according to a report in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

Ireland has had special economic zones in the past – including the Shannon Free Trade Zone and the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in Dublin.

However, these days any structure based on special tax concessions or property incentives would likely fall foul of European State Aid rules, which bar the granting of supports to companies or individuals that are not available to their competitors.

Bleedin popular aren’t we


I wonder could we count them as part of the 20k p/a(After family reunification) EU refugee quota we signed up for. Or is that reserved for the socio-economically disastrous MENA types.


Watch out Gal-wei !


Newstalk interview with Mr. Ko.

Cork and the Lee delta would be the best match IMO.


By chance do you possibly have a link with regards to the agreement or press release detailing Ireland commitments?


My error, didnt mean to type p/a. I was referring to Irish Govt total of 4k from the EU quota system. Average of 4/5 family members resettled according the UNHCR. Hence estimated figure of 20k for this particular program.


No combined data on family reunification(from all sources) actually exists. See page eight and nine.

There is an average fig bandied about of 2.8, but that doesnt include all sources. See pg 14.

Also see latest floodgates opening decision.

I dont know how you would go about actually getting good data on this, as there are so many programs, and it depends under what criteria people apply for family reunification. INIS count the number of total applications, but not the numbers in relation to apps from what I recall.

Imo its deliberately obscured as the open borders lobby does not want that debate, otherwise the frigure of total family reunifications from all sources would be readily available.


Sinn Fein heartlands at this stage. What the hell was that war all about?


Where is Dundalk?


As John Bowman would say, we’re just left with more questions than answers.:thinking: