Property valuation of 19th century Ireland free online

Griffiths valuation, from the 19th Centuary is online. Griffith went to every house in Ireland and recorded where they lived, who they paid rent to and how much. Very interesting stuff to have a look at. Pity there isnt something like it now…

Irish Times article

Griffiths valuation search page

Incredible. I thought the trail went cold for genealogists at the 1901 census. Great job by the library council.

Based on this I’ll only have to wait another 80 years or so and I can check out the real sales prices of todays houses

This is brilliant.

Imagine that one man and a clip board with not even the whiff of a consultants report.

I’ve made it back to 1810 thanks mainly to the fact that they didn’t move around much.

I wonder will historians be as admiring of us. :wink:

I see the site is called Ask About Ireland, and for some reason, they don’t mind you asking about Ireland. Very strange behaviour altogether.


Incredible. I thought only modern micro chipped society with blade main frames & knowledge economies could achieve such an advanced comprehensive study.
(I know I know I’ve made this point already in a different manner it worth repeating)**

Absolutely fantastic. You have made my week