gets mention in Examiner

Trying to get my hands on article again but on saturday last a website by the name of gets a mention in the property section of the examiner. I never thought I’d see the day :open_mouth:
If anyone has a copy or link to the article could they please post it.
I left my copy on train to Dublin :frowning:

Your search - propertypin - did not match any documents.
Your search - - did not match any documents.

Nothing on the website found with Google. I’m surprised they’d give the 'pin any coverage. Why would you buy a newspaper when the 'pin has it all?

what was the article about

it would help the search :wink:

The folks have a copy will get my hands on that and scan it in.
It was mentioned in relation to a house sale. It could have been the cody boyd designed house on Dublin Coast. It has a price drop of 500k.

It was mentioned in article for above house.

doesn’ t seem to be up yet

That’s usually the case with Property part of
Will get my hands on article this evening and scan it in. I was really expecting someone else to have posted it by now. Are all Pinsters from the Pale so therefore don’t buy the (cork) examiner or is it just that the Property section is only distributed in Cork as it’s mainly Cork Properties?

The property section is distributed in the “Pale” as well.
There is a massive demand for semi-ds in riverstick from the Dublin crowd :slight_smile:

Here is the article as seen in last weeks examiner.

I’d be interested to see that Sounds Dreamy, could you fix the link?

The “so called” bubble?

I don’t know which way to read that.



what bubble ?

Perhaps the author is calmly and slowly introducing the concept of the property bubble to the true believer cannies by qualifying it as “so called”

The first time in a property section I have noticed a bald statement of the fact

“The only way to get buyers through the door is to reduce the price”

moving out of denial

They can’t call it a bubble. If they call it a bubble, they are not only correctly describing what the Irish property market was, they are also yielding to the inevitably of what will happen in the future.

If they call it a bubble they are admitting that possibly up to 70% of the asking price growth in the last ten years is about to be wiped off their properties. So just maybe they are not as rich as they thought they were, but in actual fact they are more indebted than anything else with an asset that no one wants save their own kind who can no longer afford it.

Jaysus its like a scene from the Cinderella Man where he goes from well off to down and out almost overnight.