protected professions


Nobody earning over 20k, or with an aspiration to earn over 20k for starters


well if we sharing the losses we may aswell share the profits.
just for a year though dont want anything too radical but nobodys going to die over it


Doctors today then? Closely followed by Barristors? What’s the point of this continual downgrading of everyone’s job, bar our own. Of course they over charge and of course it’s easier to join a profession your parents are already in. We don’t live in a fair society and never did. We never will either, if we don’t stop misdirecting our blame and energy and start focusing it at the very top.
Sort them out and the rest will follow.


So then I says, Castro are you havana cigar, and he says no it’s just the way I’m standing…


Agreed. I’m not sure that’s all to do with the back door though. Some of the very best lawyers I’ve worked with have arts degrees rather than law degrees, and there are quite a few LLBs/BCLs who are both ignorant and confident in their ignorance.


I believe that the points are only 600 points due to the artificial restriction on places in medical school. I’m sure there are other ways in (i.e. via interview for mature students etc) which are prone to corruption and who you know politics etc.

They should have 10 times the number of places and then weed out the weak people through examinations.


“Everybodys pay should be capped at 20k per year no matter what you work at.
The rest of what you would have earned goes to pay off the debt. problem solved in one year by my hair brained calculations .”

“who’d vote for it?”

Everyone who earns under 20k per year would vote for it…Mr Marx


I am in agreement with the aims as you describe - but some posters think every job can be done by anyone.
I am saying that nothing will change until the corrupt top layer does and that we are wasting time and energy - as well as keeping the focus away from the source of these problems - by attacking the lower layers such as teaching, legal, plumbing, clerical-officer, hairdressing and all the other assorted jobs I see sneered at by some posters.

If we can get rid of the corrupt and greedy top layer - the lower layers will follow.
I am convinced we will never turn this country around until we do this.


Sounds like we need a cultural revolution :nin


Let lawyers advertise so

Also law firms are one of the only businesses that are not allowed to protect themselves by forming limited liability companies


viva la revol! this will not happen though, waht you take in pay cut you will not get back ever…
everybody is in for pay cuts though over the next 3 years.
Will Ireland ever have a left wing govt?? its never had one in nearly 90 years
Is US and UK only other countries like that??
Labour are not really left wing so unless they are majority never will be let wing govt in Ireland


I agree with most of what you say, honeysuckle (lovely name btw) but lawyers and doctors are very much in that top layer. Going back in history, I think you will find that the people who were able to protect your health and liberty/wealth have always been among the most “respected” in all societies, and among the best off, immediately below the aristocracy - who were traditionally the descendants of those who conquered a given society.
So I think that they are very much fair game: look at the salaries consultants and judges are on, and look at what a successful doctor or lawyer can earn. Even a poor doctor or lawyer is among the better off in society.
I appreciate that there are lawyers and doctors with a heart, too, but don’t let that blind you as to why most of them get into those professions.
There are many professions whose training is as long or longer and more rigorous than lawyers, but who do not command the same wealth - engineers, scientists, even your secondary school teacher. There is a reason that they do not receive the same criticism as MD and BCL.


twat! i’ve spent too many years of my life working for less money per hour than teachers/civil servants. usually at 4 am with the additional potential of people dying. allegedly saving lives but really only prolonging death. i’m supposed to be at consultant level now but there are no jobs. so, in the immortal words of cartman, screw you guys - i’m going to canada! enjoy dealing with docs who can’t manage a whole sentence in english…i’m outta here!


Yes, medical consultants in Ireland are definitely underpaid. I remember once having a conversation with a consultant in Australia, about 3 or 4 years ago now, and when I told him that someone in his position in Ireland would be getting paid around a quarter of a million euro per annum he almost fell out of his chair. I think he nearly had a coronary. “How on earth can they survive on that?” he asked me. How indeed.


To be fair, on the prolonging death thing, a lot of the Docs I know got most of their thanks from families who would have missed the last few hours/days with loved ones - those were the most precious times and the ones they carried with them subsequently. They’ve also talked families through the importance of quality of life versus longevity. Some of the best medics I know accept that their job is about helping families appreciate the time they have left, more so than playing God.

Know a few who did the Canada move - loved it and got proper consultant roles! Good luck with it.


firstly, sorry about the name-calling. as you’ll appreciate from the time posted i was just back from the pub. :blush:

however, it really gets on my tits when people pontificate about subjects of which they have no knowledge or understanding. i would suggest that, at present, there are few professions subjected to more criticism, or more publicly, than the “MD”. incidentally that has a different meaning on this side of the atlantic. are all your opinions gleaned from dougie howzer, md?

so to respond to some of previous comments.

"- About bloody time. If you ask me the over zealous restrictions on the number of doctors they let qualify is directly responsible for many deaths in Ireland. Its a disgrace.

I’m sorry, but 90% of doctors don’t need to be 600 point earning geniuses, some good training and cop on is all that it takes. Sure you will need to geniuses for high end doctoring, but your average GP doesn’t need to be. (whizzbang)"

i agree that we don’t need a shed load of points. but hey there’s no harm in them being smart. more importantly, there are numerous personal characteristics which are essential but are neither measured nor focussed upon.
perhaps gps should in fact be the smartest. they see the widest population, both in terms of patients and in terms of illnesses, with the least diagnostic tools beyond themselves. the first step in the referral is the vital one as most of us then diagnose within our own speciality. unfortunately, while there are numerous excellent gps, many are lazy fools.
i take issue with the second sentence. there isn’t a shortage at the production end. we’ve been an exporter of irish medics, like so many other people, for many many years. the real issue is that they don’t come back.


couldn’t agree more.
it seems to me that politicians have been using the divide and conquer technique for years. skewing the truth in timely press releases which are copy and pasted by journos into tomorrow’s paper.


eh? not really, no.

(that’s starting salary btw)


thanks very much. parents aren’t too happy though - 4th of 5 kids emigrating.

have to admit that i prefer playing god to talking to families though… :wink:


I am looking for information about how the doctor / pharmacist thing works in this country:

Is it true that pharmacists routinely provide drug companies with figures linking medical subscriptions to particular doctors, allowing the drug companies to ‘remunerate’ the doctors accordingly?