protected professions


It has happened in the past. With a letter from the Irish medicines board following and a threat to prosecute.


:unamused: They’ll be calling for the Hypocratic Oath to be revoked next.


I agree there should be more consultants and GPs and they should be paid less.

  1. How much less? I have never seen a list of average total earnings from medicine of doctors by specialty in Ireland. A member of my family who may or may not be me did a locum in a private hospital there six years ago and was surprised how long the cheques kept arriving afterwards. One unusual feature used to be, I presume still is, that lab physicians were paid a generous flat fee for ‘supervising’ hematology and biochemistry tests for each private patient. Sadly, such a magic money machine does not exist in Canada.

  2. Regarding fees, there is no reason why every GP in the country couldn’t post a list online. Surely, the HSE could organise this?

  3. Costs go beyond income. Each new consultant appointment drives up the public bill for other hospital staff and capital equipment.

  4. Given the dire fiscal situation, a bigger private sector (unsupported by subsidy) might have to be part of the solution - which will mean even higher user fees.

Regarding online drugs, many Americans now depend on cheaper Canadian products.


The problem lies with our compensation culture. If the chemist had to give your friend the cream and her son’s eye condition got worse, S/he would have allowed themselves wide open to being sued.

I’m not saying your friend would do that but other people would.


This is 100% on the button, had a chat with a pharmacist friend about this just a short while ago.
His response was exactly that.


I actually said that to my friend - the thing is he had had it a couple of months previous and was given the same cream, she asked what would the doctor prescribe and was told he would prescibe the same cream.
You hear these ads “ask your pharmicist” well you can ask but as long as there is a cartel it’s not going to change the way the system screws people.


Jasus onestepbehind, I am surprised at you, condoning the use of drugs without a presription, next thing you’ll want ecstasy legalised :stuck_out_tongue:

(This is a joke from another thread.)


Yes I have. Several times as a matter of fact.
Never got intercepted by customs.
What you have heard is complete and utter nonsense put out by the Irish Pharmaceutical vested interests.
Typically the cost is about a third (plus p&p) of the Irish price.
(Or rather it was up until the last time I bought last year)
As you discovered a major saving is the cost of a GP consultancy / time.

The vast majority of online pharmaceutical vendors are kosher - the products have Batch numbers / assay numbers that can be traced.
I’ve seen the figure of 2% quoted as dodgy sellers - but I guess that includes impotency type drugs etc

If you are talking about something like conjuntivitis / thrush / knob rot or whatever particularly where it is a repeat prescription then go for it.
Of course I would have caveats about buying psychoactive drugs (ie some lad a few years ago after self-diagnosis loaded up on anti depressives and killed himself).


:laughing: :laughing:


It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference if it was the same cream. The chemist would be opening themselves to being sued if they gave that cream out.

You see that’s what happens when we want to regulate every part of our society and how we trade/interact with people.


If it was conjunctivitis it was probably eye drops rather than cream.
Specifically Brolene is normally prescribed.

That’s a coincidence - last year my toddler had the same problem.
In fact the it was the creche that recommended Brolene and get it in the pharmacy.
The first pharmacy I went (Ballyogan) said “not without a prescription”.
I subsequently got the drops in 2 other pharmacies nearby - with no prescription :unamused:


The fact the the chemist could be sued for dispensing a cream that is available over the counter in other countries is exactly what is the problem here.


Tell us more, Prof.


Where were they based? Any link to their website? I don’t have any pressing need for medication* but I wouldn’t mind keeping a range of common antibiotics alongside my shotgun and beans.

*my therapist is a liar.


Not antibiotics in my case. I’d rather not go into the specifics though :slight_smile:
But sure why not buy antibiotics - remember they do have a shelf life though and the usual caveats regarding misuse (finish the course, resistance) / stomach bacteria etc.

Look if you are looking for 100% kosher here are some guidelines.
Several of the websites actually attempt to insist on a prescription - i.e you will be asked to click a button to give an undertaking (not sure if they ask for physician / date time etc). As far as I recall these were US or Isle of Man based.
Google doesnt lie - search for the specific drug - if the site is high on the search index it is almost certainly not dodgy.
Also remember you are hopefully paying using a credit card so you do have chargeback rights and the merchant of course has an agreement with the card scheme.


Thanks Prof. I’ll do more research.


surprised this is still going. been away for a while.
there’s a lot of interesting points made about renewal of prescriptions - seems like a scam but can’t comment (both my parents are medical card holders and i don’t deal in that area).
not even going to bother covering half the kookier bollix on this thread as it’s mostly been said already and anyway it won’t be heard through the tin-foil hats.
however (and i’ll try to keep the expletives to a minimum):

  1. don’t buy drugs on-line. batch numbers can be forged. google is payed to display web-sites. etc. if you must get your fix/stock up then get somebody who’s in spain to buy it. way cheaper and mostly otc. ex used to come home after xmas with bags of shit. i’m sure there’s other european countries which are equally complacent.
  2. if the person on the other side of the table doesn’t pat your hand the way you want then go to somebody else. they may be be an asshole or maybe they think you’re a fuckwit who’s wasting their time. either way, move on.
  3. countries which have unrestricted access to antibiotics (spain, india, etc) end up with multi-drug resistant bacteria. community acquired mrsa secreting toxins is becoming a major issue in healthy north americans.
  4. healthy people don’t usually need antibiotics (there are exceptions). people who work in healthcare are possibly the worst abusers but it has crept into the rest of society. i have a sore throat/cough - i need an antibiotic. no, you don’t. even if it is bacterial, and it usually isn’t, your immune system should defeat it. gargle with salty water 5 times a day, have a hot toddy and go to bed. and stop fucking smoking, boozing and having 3 hours sleep at xmas. incidentally i’m well into my 30s - i’ve never taken antibiotics and i’m still alive
  5. if you’re paying €60 for your gp then look for a new one. maybe they’ll be better. if there are none ask your local td about gms lists and competition. it worked with pharmacies.
  6. unlike mainland europe (or taiwan apparently) you can’t just rock up to a specialist with sore toe/chest pain/itchy mickey. that’s just the way it is. ( want to change it? then start a campaign rather than your futile bitching online to like-minded people. that’s for poster 3 page 5 who, frankly, can fuck off “overseas for his hip” and then die in a ditch.
  7. this 250k concept… where is it from? cos i want in! (poster 4, page 5). all i can find is 2008 salary: not bad but a tad short (as the actress said to the bishop).

sorry if that was a bit vitriolic but don’t really have time to re-read and edit the rough edges.
essentially don’t buy potentially harmful things off someone you can’t some back and sue the following week.


I’ll save you the effort and post up your apology for you.


IMO represent non consultants.

From Page 32… … f?direct=1


haha! that’s hilarious! except, i’m not drinking any more due to my haemochromatosis.

really miss that unbelievably witty irish sense of humour. pure class.


interesting. good point there. will look through it in more detail tomorrow but still don’t see the 250k thing. outside of random professors… is this a university thing or just medicine?