PROTEST: Thursday 25th September 2008 @ 1.30 pm outside Dail

WHAT: Peaceful demonstration to protest against Government bail outs of property developers.

WHERE: Outside the Dail at the junction of Molesworth Street and Kildare Street in Dublin 2

WHEN: Thursday 25th September at 1:30 p.m.

WHY: Bailing out the property market is a mistake.

Meet: On Setanta place it’s just around the corner from there at 1ish, it will be a good place to start off from
you’ll know who everybody is because we’ll be carrying banners!

Facebook group (you have to be logged into facebook already to see this though otherwise the link don’t work)


Please post if you can come and what you are willing to do to help,

We’ll need to give this a good push!

Apologies if this matter has been treated elsewhere in another thread. Are there any plans to do something in Cork? Those I have mentioned this news to locally have regarded it with disbelief or livid anger.

I think there may be a couple of pinsters based in Cork, but not too many. So I’d say you’d need to hit a more Cork-centric forum and try to rouse some interest. Is the regional Cork board popular?

people’s republic of cork might be better…or munsterfans.

that being said, wont’ be there myself.

Good luck on Thursday. As said earlier I can’t be there but Mrs Pill will be.

Sorry to say I can’t make it, I was free, but SWMBO informs me that she volunteered me for a charity function on Thursday morning but omitted to tell me!

I know where I’d rather be!

Hopefully I’ll see someone else in a Bertie mask carrying a sign saying “No bleedin’ digouts from taxpayers pockets, ya bleedin spanners” on the 6 o’clock news Thursday evening!

Best of luck, will continue to spread the word.

I’ve been reading the other thread all day, reveling in it. Unfortunately I can’t make it; don’t work in the city centre.

So I just like to wish you all the best, and I’m with you in spirit.

Already taken instruction on letter writing to my TDs from the other thread. I used to be Green! Jesus wept!

D’ya know what would be great for this…

A few face cut outs of some leading economists, for those who want to preserve a bit of anonymity and have a bit of a laugh…

Austin masks, Dan masks… :smiling_imp:

Get a cape and call yourself, IIB-man!

RE: Cork. I think it’s a great idea to have a sister protest in Cork.

I cant go, but if I did I’d have a banner that made a monetary point.

If there’s 600k potential FTBs (assume 60k for each year of 18 to 30 year olds) and if the government is offering say Eur60k per FTB to make up the 20% shortfall from what the banks are willing to lend, that amounts to a potential Eur36 billion that the govt will be paying out. That sum is as much as the tax revenue in the so-called good times.

One could follow the satirical lead of and dress as a property developer and hold up a sign thanking the government profusely for bailing you out.

You can be dam sure I’ll be there.
I’ve published your details on our site.


Folks. It all to play for here. We CAN stop them. They need their minds to be made up. All they have been hearing so far is the soft whispers of Country Tom. Lets tell them what we think and how strongly we feel.

May start sharing some banners:

full size A4:

First try lol

Lord God Almighty can people not understanding sizing of photos on the interwubs?!? Resize that “bastard” before I delete it altogether!

Full size A4:

Isn’t it the law for the Gardai to be informed of protests or something?

I’m sure the garda intelligence bureau are well up on what goes on on this site.

And anyway, there’s a 24-hour manned garda presence at the Dail and are well used to handling protests.

if anyone wants to blow up their placard/poster/banners etc heres a good site: