protracted bidding process

We’ve been bidding on a house and every time we think it’s coming close to a conclusion the agent announces another open viewing. Now we have been informed that a bidder (or more) want to do surveys in a few weeks time. There was a lot of interest but I don’t think many serious bidders.

Is this normal? Could there be any reason for dragging this process out that is not obvious to me?
I know it’s up to the vendor to decide how long this process should take as they want the most money but is there any way of moving this along?

Thanks, any advice appreciated!

Tricky one.

Make sure you have a plan B if this doesn’t happen for you.

Estate agent must know that you’re keen but that you are actively looking elsewhere.

If they feel that you have your heart set on this property only, they know they can string you a long indefinitely and hope to get another bidder involved to start a war.

Do you know the circumstances of the vendor? Are they trading up or down? If so, have they gone sale agreed on another property. Ask the agent for this information. They should be forthcoming if your persistent enough.

Unfortunately the vendor can drag it out as short or as long as it suits them, with the EA egging them on no doubt.

You often see mention of people advising bidders to submit a bid “with a time limit”, but in all fairness, when you’re bidding on a property that you reckon there’s a bit of interest in, I don’t know how realistic that is.

Is the asking price more or less than comparable properties?

Is your offer above/below the asking price?

Thanks for the replies.

Executor sale, house is difficult to compare, unusual one. Bidding is gone 15% over asking. We are not highest bidders. We would bid (and did earlier when lower) but they keep setting dates for open viewings and now this thing with the engineers in a few weeks time. We were thinking of bidding, if it doesn’t go too high, when things have settled but it seemed the owners want everyone to have a chance to view or get engineers. The EA says they are not making any decisions yet, so in our mind why bid now they’ll just use it to up the ante. Weird thing is apparently there have been lots of bids (cheeky ones too) but nobody has bid twice, or that’s what EA is saying.

So, from what EA is saying I doubt they would entertain the time limit on a bid.

I suppose their strategy is probably just simply to wait and they’ll get more, might backfire though as we are definitely cooling off it a little after the initial excitement!