Proving PPR...

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I am planning on moving into my apartment on March 12th, hence it will become my PPR

One tenant is moving out, the other is staying in the other room

The tenant who is staying has all the bills in her name, and we are both happy to leave bills that way for the time being (we may change this at a later date, i’m not too pushed)

So the bills will be in tenants name, the only other things i’ll be changing my address to this apartment is my phone bill and my bank.

Question is; will receipts/statements/bills from my phone company and bank satisfy the council that this property is my PPR?

Also, I am not registered on the NPPR website - Am I right in saying that because at March 31st this will infact be my PPR, there is no need to register or 2012? (I realise if I am not there in 2013 I will be liable then)

Just register your mobile phone and have your bank statements redirected and youre exempt from everything.

Cant see any problem with that whatsoever.
Because thats how the tax system works; Your tax liability is based on your mobile phone address.

I take it that your current address will have all the bills transfered out of your name and the utilities will not be used?

You should have registered for last year.

€200 plus 11 months x €20 in fines.

Thanks for this helpful advise - my main bills/statments are phone/bank which i’ll transfer over the day I move in.

In my current address I don’t have any utilities in my name (lucky me!)

Where in my post does it say that I owend the property on 11 March 2011? I only bought it in April 2011 and didn’t get deeds until June 2011

I didn’t think so. I think its a once a year snapshot in time thing.

I’d be more worried about OP’s income tax liability

It doesn’t.
Maybe you should write more than a half assed post when looking for advice and then jumping down the throat of respondent.

did you register with the PRTB? Did you pay tax on the rental income?

There is a fine tradition on the 'pin of giving legal advice on quite technical issues, without too much concern about whether the advice is true. Given that the poster is usually not too interested in whether or not it might be correct, the accuracy of the legal advice is often somewhat hit and miss.

I don’t claim to know what the legal meaning of a principal private residence is either. But I looked into the matter before, and you can find a link to what I found here:

Easy there tiger, I didn’t ‘jump’ at anyone, just like I guess no one ‘jumps’ to conclusions

I didn’t realise that one question here was followed by multiple other’s from other members, all I wanted was some help with a question… but maybe that is not what this forum is about?

  1. Yes, of course registered with the PRTB less than a month after the tenants moved in (did it the same week the moved in) - the 2 tenants got their letter from the PRTB and confirmed this by txt

  2. I am not an account, nor will I ever be one, that’s what I pay an accountant for but all my tax liabilities are up to scratch

I see how these questions could be relevant incase the council tried to state that i’m renting this apartment… technically I am as I am receiving rent for a room, but I am living in the other room, and this is my sole property

Again thanks for all the helpful posts folks :slight_smile:

Some good reading from that link thanks very much