PRTB to chase down unregistered tenancies … 49442.html

This is going to be interesting.

That’s good. One of the bad things about the proposed removal of the tax relief for renters was that you had to give your landlord’s PPS number to claim it - another (weak, admittedly) way of checking out whether a landlord was legit or not. Perhaps this will balance it out.

Someone went on Microsoft Excel Intermediate so??? :stuck_out_tongue:

or even just google the address when it comes up for renewal; even just to make example of a few landlords

You didn’t. INitially yes you did and then the rules were changed to accommodate those who didn’t have it. If you just had the name and address, you could still get the allowance.

I will believe it when I see it. If interest write off goes a lot of Land llords will (if they can) turn away from the welfare market for cash only.

The days of LLs dodging tax are well and truly over indeed they have been for some time,its only the ridiculously stupid still reckon theres a percentage in it.

This cross referencing of information betwixt Govt depts should have been going on years ago,as for the LLs who failed to register for what ever reason and still felt they could take rent money from the State without fear of getting caught speaks volumes both about their utter donkiness and the incompetence of the civil service/quangos to deal with them.

Jaysus, fierce cuttin’ edge stuff.
A computer system that can cross-reference, what will they think of next ?

It’s fucking shameful. A ‘new computer system’ my arse. No doubt it cost a pretty penny to implement. For a fucking vlookup.

What odds there have been two years negotiations with the relevant unions re retraining, regrading and remuneration?

Will this cleanup be retrospective ???

If it were it would probably send half the Garda above the rank of Sargent to the wall; which would have the added benefit of cutting the pension costs of the PS :angry: :nin

I`m quite surprised that this line of thinking has actually seen the light-of-day as it has the potential to turn into a nicely steaming pile of chyte indeed…

Fishfoodie is correct in identifying a particular grouping who may be less than inclined to buy into this transparency gig,not a problem of itself,until the crusading Politicians are reminded of who exactly they are relying upon to keep the baying hordes outside the Parliament Gates of a chilly winters evening… :angry:

Thanks, I stand corrected. Last time I did it was 2/3 years ago, didn’t know it had changed. Were there privacy issues, I wonder?

if you were paying through an agent you could give the name and address of the agent; TBH those LLs using agents were usually legit anyway.

I guess returning a form without a landlord’s PPS num raises all kinds of red flags in Revenue -

Saw in the budget that they propose to remove write off on interest on investment properties over a number of years. I think a lot of landlords will move to a cash basis under radar. Tenants will get a cheaper rent to play ball. Black economy here we come. 8)

Haha got a message from my ‘landlord’ yesterday looking for PPS which I had already given on the lease - guess the transparent way they indicated they were registering with the PRTB was less than transparent…

I report any places I come across when renting if that is the case. I might take the cheap rents on offer and report after leaving.

seems a bit unlikely? Tax write off of interest is standard around the world for corporates - it should have been reduced during the bubble years - especially when interest rates were abnormally low but taxing investors on a loss is a bit out there

Gombeen gone turncoat. Your morals are impeccible.

I have done some research and it seems to be the case that interest write off is the norm internationally. However, in a state where all tax relief’s are on the verge of abolition the state might not care about international norms. A lot of land lords might try to cut and run. I’m not sure if all this will create a positive market for renters. People will want somewhere to live and there is not the same excess of apartments/houses in Dublin as elsewhere.