PRTB to provide forum for public complaints about tenants … 22982.html

First of all this unfairly targets tenants, homeowners will never be subject to such standards of behaviour (as perceived by their peers/betters). Secondly, how can this be introduced while landlords are still free to pocket residential tenancy deposits?

I don’t like the sound of this at all and will be making representations to my public representatives. Where can I see the proposed legislation?

… more of this diabolic state induce brain failure here for reference viewtopic.php?f=54&t=50636&hilit=PRTB

You’re missing the point. There’s nothing to say that other tenants can’t complain against unruly tenants.

This is pretty clearly a good idea. Anything that improves the community’s quality of life is good.

Unrelated issue. A landlord couldn’t hold back part of deposit for a tenant making a nuisance to their neighbours.

My experience as an apartment owner is that some tenants show much less respect to their neighbours and the environment than any owner occupiers.

Oh goodie we get a special snoopers charter that will aid residents and residents association to weed out unwanted tenants and set up kangaroo courts…

Fairplay to the PRIVATE Residential Tenancies Board for being such model citizens.

1984 anyone?

Snooping ? If you have had someone causing havoc in a development you don’t need to “snoop”. You hear it all hours.

The PRTB is decidedly pro-tenant.

Main problem I see is that they don’t deal with local authority housing so this looks like a dumb TD

I think you’ve misunderstood my post. My point is that there is no such forum to complain about problematic homeowner neighbours. Hence how it is discriminatory.

It’s not an unrelated issue. Both relate to tenant rights and the balance of power between tenants and landlords. The government seems too quick to legislate to diminish tenant rights, while neglecting to legislate on much needed tenant protection. Tenants are being treated as second class citizens and this is being enacted through legislation. Despite the fact that tenants are paying good money for a service.

As is most consumer legislation, the law errs on the side of consumer protection. Businesses are “in the business” of accepting entrepreneurial risk in return for profit. A landlord is a business, they can’t pick and choose when they are a business.

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