PTSB/ESRI Index October?

Like, where is it?
December 4th?

I can never remember this index being released over a month after the month in question.
Obviously needs a lot of extra special attention or maybe they cannot find any data.

maybe try getting in touch with them and asking.

they have a contact page here:

I did.
A few days ago and very interestingly they said “the release of this index is handled by Permanent/TSB”.
Now call me old fashioned but that implies to me that ESRI have long sent it to Permo/TSB and they are sitting on it.
Odds on late this evening for as little PR as possible (saturday papers notoriously business light and it would be too late for Sundays).

For good order sent you a pm with their reply to confirm above is accurate

Got it. Thanks.

That’s interesting. I wonder if the people in Permanent/TSB are too busy at the moment. :open_mouth:

Is it not usually published in the after noon? Should see it today sometime

Worth waiting for…

By Colm Heatley
Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) – Irish house prices fell the most in
six months in October, extending a real-estate slump that has
pushed prices to their lowest in six years.
Prices dropped 1.8 percent from the previous month, the
most since April, Dublin-based Irish Life & Permanent Plc said
in a monthly report today. From a year earlier, prices dropped
13.9 percent.
House prices have fallen in every month since March 2007
and are now 27 percent below their peak in the early part of
that year, according to the Irish Life/ESRI index. The average
price of a house in Ireland was 228,347 euros ($341,413), the
lowest since October 2003.

Anyone got a link?
The report is still not on the ESRI website.

Of course the market peaked in April 2006, not March 07. Everybody and even the VIs will admit a 40% plus fall to date from peak. The Index is a joke, and will be reporting falls well after the market is up 30% in 2027. Its a waste of time


In other words the crash is getting crashier.
With a couple more deflationary budgets coming, its not a good time to be buying property.

The lie that this was all caused by external global factors is there for all to see. As housing prices seem to be starting to recover in America and Britain (which was late to the crash party), they increase the rate of fall here.

The average price of a house outside Dublin has fallen below the 200k for the first time in 6 years.

Dire figures and pace of decline actually accelerating as everywhere else is stabilising, little wonder the Permo sat on it for a week before squeezing it out on a Friday evening.

The PermanentTSb mortgage sample appears to have been low - - volume isn’t of course disclosed.

It begs the question again as to why the CSO does not publish house price data?

Also they haven’t commented on the data any more either - it’s just put out there and hopefully forgotten about.

People can knock it as much as you like at least it’s based on real numbers and not a made up one from an E.A.

I think the criticism of this index may be unfounded. Would it not make sense to record house sales when the mortgage is drawn down? Sale Agreed doesn’t mean the transaction is completed or will definitely be completed.

I know of a recent case where someone I know had approval in principal from a bank and had agreed a purchase of a house. When they went to make arrangments to draw down the mortgage, the bank scuppered the deal based on the fact that one of the couple was not technically ‘permanent’ even though they enjoy strong job security.

For me the deal’s not done until the money changes hands.

The prices are provided from mortgages drawn down by Permanent TSB. Don’t know why this institution gets the honour of providing the figures.
I queried something with the ESRI a couple of months back - I asked why (oh why), was there not enough data in the 3-bed semi category, when the 3-bed semi is the only house shifting at the moment as it’s a typical FTB purchase?

This is the answer I got:

A little off-topic - large bank darft lodge with Permo on Monday last shows no sign of clearing as I write.

Maybe those guys with the diggers are just trying to get thewir own money back

Money never sleeps -how can the fuckers justify hanging on to it. Any reform of bank preocedures has to look at this kind of hoarding

Bank drafts lodged not drawn from an account with that same bank always take five working days, no more no less, in my experience

Sadly there are still too many people living in complete cloud cuckoo land and don’t realise that the cuts in this years budget will not reduce the deficit by one iota. We are looking at at least half a dozen deflationary budgets to get this ship on an even keel.