PTSB Tracker Customers May Get 'Radical Offer'

The Sunday Business Post reports that PTSB tracker customer may be in for a windfall if they agree to new terms.

The below plan is at senior level in IL&P but has not yet been approved …

In the long run, who actually wins ?

May I refer you to my previous thread - with numbers:

How much to give up your Tracker?

Will be amazing how many accept the offer without doing a smidgen of homework.

Great work WGU.

Personally if they wrote off my negative equity I’d be happy enough to go to SVR. And it’s more than 10k! XX … 94155.html

This seems awfully cheap for the bank and it seems like a bad deal.

Someone better than me at finance might be able to compare the value of this offer and a demand deposit for the same amount.

7 has a better ring to it. 5 is an insult. 7 is a lucky number.
There’s a financial analysis for you!