Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses … ldmansachs

Some people just dont know how to shut the fuck up.

Kinda puts “Let them eat cake” in context.

Sounds like something said by a French nobleman before the revolution when they guillotined his bad attitude out of him. :smiling_imp:

Sounds like he’s been watching too much Monthy Python, what amazes me is that a muppet like this is considered employable at all, never mind on an enormous bonus.

‘Bankers’ is too broad a term.
I have no problem with Hedge Fund Mgrs etc making millions in bouses if their funds are up hundreds of millions say …

More comments like this and the noble Lord himself might have to retire through injury .

Its fascinating really. How completely disconnected they are.

Only difference between him and the rest is that he says it aloud.

I knew I had heard that somewhere before.

The public would want to learn how to tie knots and throw ropes over tree branches at this rate…

He seems to be labouring under the illusion that the bankers are being rewarded by capitalism for creating wealth for society.

If that were the case I would have no problem really.

The point is that if we had real capitalism which punished incompetence with losses and bankruptcy then Goldman Sachs would not exist today.

We are living in some kind of crony-capitalism/facisim/socalisim-for-rich-people nightmare.

This prick seems to think that that’s how its supposed to be.

Historically a bloody revolution with some heads on spikes is the traditional technique for fostering an aversion to this type of behaviour

check out how the Amercian public are responding to the bankers,

It may be a sign of things to come more globally

Its that blend of arrogance and utter stupidity that has landed us in this shit storm and it is the exact same reason (quoted sentiment) why in 20 to 30 years we will be in it again.

Goldman Sachs is legendary. They have their hooks into every major boom and crash since their foundation.

What he is basically saying is “We don’t have other way to genuinely contribute to society so please continue to give us all your money in a complicated and indirect way that you will not understand”.

Pity bonuses are counter productive in all but the most simple of jobs.

While we here have learnt and are continuing to learn to tolerate the inequality of bonuses very well - too busy being divided and conquered.