Pubs going bust

I’ve passed a few Dublin pubs recently that seemed to have closed (lights off, shutters down), either totally closed, or at least are choosing to stay closed some nights of the week.

Kobra, Leeson St (seemed to be closed one evening, but open another evening)
Foleys, corner of Merrion Row & Merrion St (lights were off one evening)

And of course Searson’s closed completely recently.

I mentioned Searsons in the hotel thread. One of the banks appointed Martin Ferris as receiver to Searsons and the Thomas Read (and the Bailey I think) He sold the Bailey’s lease but fell out with the landlords of the other two before Xmas. Some of the guys ex Capitol Bars are running the Thomas Read now but the lease on Searsons has not yet been surrendered. Quite surprising that it was closed over Xmas.

Conways on Parnell Street closed a while back; anyone know exactly why?

A property play gone bad, what else?

Is that Conway’s pub the home of the brown envelopes? Rather ironic if so: … a061766996

Went past the Botanic in Glasnevin/Phibsboro the other night and it was shut up.

the inn on the park in harolds cross which has been shut for a few years has been refitted and reopened recently as mcgowans.
Looks quiet anytime I pass it,

Conways has no licence…since about 4 years ago. One of the former owners is rather tits up on property ‘plays’ and even had the CAB chasing him for cash. … 99700.html

What is this small allowance he gets on top of the dole…a MEANS is it??

Pity CAB is not let loose on the likes of McFeely rather than having him skulking in th UK on a bankruptcy expedition.

That pub should survive on after funeral gatherings alone with Mount Jerome just across the road. Don’t know what it’s like inside but I would stick a few large self contained rooms in there to cater for that market, although the parking is an issue of course

The julianstown town inn and the cock in gormanstown both gone in the last few months, the old mill in julianstown went a few years ago in a property play and subsequently burnt to the ground.

Thanks for the replies regarding Conways; I thought I heard it had to do with some regeneration. Too bad, no harm with the Parnell Mooney going.

its going to be a late bar according to the bar staff. They have bouncers on the door at the weekends.

As for parking there is loads on Mount Argus road when there’s no funerals on.

Searson’s couldn’t get a reduction in rent so shut it down.

Speaking to a few pepole I know working for Heineken and they are all finding trade in DUblin well up on the past couple of years. As always, some will be doing better than others.

That’s a nice way to say “the receiver decided not to pay rent any more”. Mind you, Diageo are the landlord so not likely to attract much sympathy.

Cruzzo’s in Malahide has closed.

Another that will be reopening under new mgmt in the spring/summer.

Have heard a rumour (from 2 separate people) that a well known D4 eatery will be branching out in that premises

I live near there. The place seems quiet nice inside but anytime I was in there it was aways very quiet. I think the celtic tiger was bringing in the customers there and when the tiger stopped roaring the customers stopped coming.

I think you’re talking about Ireland there.

Two new craft beer pubs opening in Dublin in Feb:

The Black Sheep on Capel Street (from the people who brought you Against the Grain on Wexford Street)

W.J. Kavanagh’s on Dorset Street (from the people who brought you L Mulligan Grocer in Stoneybatter)

There is certainly life in the craft segment of the Irish pub market.