Pubs going bust


Is that Berminghams pub? It was a real throwback to an older time. Great place for a quiet pint.


Given the applicant, I’m thinking a clinic of some sort.
Lots of hookers around there (so Mantissa reliably informs me), so an STD clinic wouldn’t go amiss.


The brothel that operated above the hardware shop near there is gone, or so a friend tells me :nin :angry: so maybe not as much demand.


i recall locals wanting to stage an anti-prostitution protest before a match/gig in Croker last year.


I didn’t know that. I wonder where it’s based out of now.


Asking for a friend? 8- 8- and all that :angry:


In case a weary traveller were to enquire. :angry:


The Long Stone pub had it before Christmas, after 264 years

The Wright Venue in Swords is to close in a few weeks. Club 92 in Leopardstown went at New Years. Amazing a city the size of Dublin, with a young enough population can barely support a nightclub. They seem to have fallen out of favour only in the last 5 years really.


The Wright venue is no loss but I’ve been in the Long Stone many a time sad to see it go.


Yeah but its not gone bust, it was sold for development

its a pity to see old pubs being knocked down but on the upside we also lose the Department of Health building, a building so ugly it makes me sick


demographics dictates we dont need as many pubs as we had from 1997 to 2005. I find it interesting that Una Mulally bemoans the diminishing dublin nightlife scene, but there arent as many 20-30 year olds around as there used to be 15 years ago


The Long Stone is not 200 years old - it was built in the 90s. There was a pub there before, but it was a different building and it wasn’t called the Long Stone.


I used to drink in the previous pub after movies in the Screen. The pub had a family name (can’t remember what it was) but the locals called it the Long Stone (I always assumed it was a dope connection and found it quite funny in the way that you do when you are a student). It was a long narrow bar and I think the original building was still there and the new long stone was built in front of the original.


I would have said there are more 20-30 year olds rather than less. Two things have impacted the pubs - the ethnic backgrounds of most of that population is either non-drinking (particularly Indians) or slow-drinking (continental Europeans) - the getting shit-faced Irish level of drinking is only attained by Eastern Europeans; secondly people do not have the same level of disposable income after rent, saving for deposits etc.


I remeber when they were selling bottlesd of fresh oxygen somewhere around Grafton Street (I think) toward the height of the Tiger years.

is this something similar? … -1.3761451


Holy shit this is an epic observation.
I’m going to be the first to open a shop that serves non-alcoholic drinks like … coffee.


“Confronted with alcohol” is a great phrase.
Offering more alc free selection beyond the :sick: non-alc Erdinger would be a great idea for any pub however.


I agree.


There’s only so much coffee you can drink.


Indeed. Like the day you drank 17 bottles of lager and then suddenly confronted reality all down the front of your shirt…