Pubs going bust


Should be pretty easy to pick up a cheap license then?


Killing time in Blackrock today.
Ventured into wetherspoons.
Food prices are noticeably low.
Different beers and ales to the usual.
Beer garden/smoking area isn’t great though. A bit pokey.

Eating there on Saturday to give it a try.


That is one thin definitely in favor of Wetherspoons here in england, they are a reasonably priced place to eat. You woudl wonder why anyone would go into a McDonalds if there is a Wetherspoons anywhere nearby.


As far as the food goes, that’s a pretty good standard by which to judge them. Wetherspoon’s food isn’t great (or even more than just about adequate) from even an amateur foodie’s perspective, but it is noticeably better than other fast food joints for the about same price.

The beer is varied, cheap and mostly more or less well kept, sometimes less so and just occasionally worth a diversion. The pubs are mostly generic and a bit “industrial”, but normally just so-so. Some are holes, some actually quite pleasant.

If you can find a well-frequented suburban one, with a regular turnover of the beer, preferably during daytime, you’ll generally be satisfied and maybe even mildly impressed, assuming you go in with realistic expectations. If you visit a city centre one, on a Saturday night, full of budget beer monsters, works outings and stag nights, you’ll vow never to enter one again.


Or closing 2 country pubs to convert into 1 Dublin license.


Or to open a Spar/Super value selling alcohol, or to open a Restaurant without the restrictions of a restaurant licence,or for a hotel etc.

I can’t find any statistics but I do remember an article showing that the number of excise licences has fallen, and if combined with transfers I have no doubt that 1000 pubs has closed.

I think that the changes around smoking, the culture of “pres” , cultural and economic change,and stricter observance of drink driving laws have killed the business case for many rural pubs. A village that had 10 pubs, might end up with one or two, with food been as important as alcohol in sales terms. Dublin, as mentioned is different.


“Wetherspoon does not stock Guinness in its Irish outlets, although it does offer it in its British pubs.
The company is involved in a price dispute with Diageo and is not stocking any Diageo-distributed products including Guinness, Budweiser, Carlsberg or Smithwicks in any of its new Irish premises.
The company said it did not want to pay more for Guinness in Ireland than it did in Britain.


Was there last night.
The place was full.
The particular pint I was drinking was €3.75.
Been quite a while since any pint was that price in a Dublin pub.


Currently on holiday in England and taking great pleasure in dining out in Wetherspoons! :smiley:


Was in the 3 Tunns (Weatherspoons Blackrock spot) last night. Was busy enough but not packed. Clientele was very mixed including a few big groups of likely lads. I only mention this as Southside pubs tend to be well segregated depending on who they cater for (sometimes on the same premises with the bar/lounge thing) and many a shop has opened up and invested in attracting an upmarket crowd only to settle for a different demographic. Bar managers and staff seem to earn their pay by excluding a perceived troublesome segment or alternatively managing them well (as they are potentially lucrative). Not sure how well a chain will be placed in that regard but maybe welcome all-comers and police it well is the strategy. This will be a new development locally. The place is well staffed and well bouncered however. Prices looked attractive. My drink was fine, looked like lots of other good options on the menu. Didn’t try out the food but the constant going to the bar to order (food/drink/coffees etc.) is not what we are used to locally but maybe the prices will justify the effort.


Ordering drinks at the bar?? How Northside!



Was in there a few days back to try the food. Fed 7 adults/teenagers for €62 (main and a drink - alcohol for adults/soft otherwise). Food was well received by all. I would put it at the mid-lower end of pub food. Battered Fish was very fresh. Chicken burgers looked good. Just in case I am getting any stick for reporting the demographics previously I am purely doing it for the record (being a bit of a skanger myself!). It seemed to be attracting more working class family groups than your upmarket Blackrock families. That said in total I have been there twice for no more than 2-3 hours in total. I won’t be a regular for the food but I am sure I would use it again (more likely as a family group than as a couple).


That’s incredibly good value.


absolutely. lots of main with soft drink options at the 7-8 mark and main with alcoholic drink for a couple of euro more. I think one dish ordered required a drink to be ordered seperately and that was a pint at 3.75 ish (a full euro cheaper than my local). Luckily we can afford other options but it will definitely give a dining out option to many families and as has been mentioned is better food and better priced than many of the traditional alternatives (Mickey D’s etc.).


I’m currently in Wetherspoons in Blackrock.
The pint I normally drink here is ‘on special’ at €1.99 !

This may well result in me having more than I initially intended.


Jaysus if I didn’t have my slippers on and my pipe lit I would head down.


If I’d known about a bargain like that - I’d be there!


So cheap you stop off for five or six!
Shouldn’t this thread be renamed Customers going bust??!


Not with that attitude ! :smiley:
Spoke to the barman.
Turns out they ordered too much of it (there’s another one on special also).
As it’s in casks and not bottles, they need to reduce the price to sell more.

If only they had a beer NAMA.


Oh god, good proper cask beer on sale while the muppets queue for Heino and Bud and full price.

Roll on their opening in the 40ft.