Pubs going bust


Is the Silver Tassie in Loughlinstown gone? Or just being refurbished?

Closed any time I’ve passed by the last couple of weeks anyway.


Foxhunter pub in Lucan to be Avoca store: … 45551.html

This place sold for 14m back in 2007: … 01762.html

#425 … 43126.html

Peter Clohessy closes pub in Limerick


Check the new prices in Wetherspoons in Blackrock. €2.50 a pint!

#427 … -1.1961943

I thought H@tM was dead for years?


15m is proof that there is an invisible barrier to entry to this business. Remove that barrier and whatever about selling more beer cheaper without having to reduce duties, more people would be employed in more bars servicing the same demand. 3million euro could build a very elitist bar that would steal trade off those already present.
Instead Government wants to reduce off-license and supermarket sales of alcohol so that these pubs are worth more to their owners.


There’s a new pub just opened up on Clanbrassil St.

Actually it is simply an existing dive which now has craft beers and has been given a lick of paint and a new name by some hipsters. I wish them well!

It does go to show that a pub license is worth next to nothing these days though.


If its bodytonic then its linked to Twisted Pepper / Beenard Shaw… n posaibly 3fe… so likely to be more than just hipsters :slight_smile:


JD Wetherspoon to open pub in Blanchardstown … -1.2003900


Went back to Wetherspoons in Blackrock recently. Food was less good than previously - below my threshold despite the price. Still would be better than fast-food options for those that do fast-food. Beer was great and v. cheap. Place was packed, hard to get a table. Prices seem to be attracting a price conscious clientele.



(Seriously) aul fellas watching their pennies or broke students trying to drink as much as possible/etc?




Based on the history of that Light venue in Blanch I think the demographic they will attract will be lower than C/D.


"Palmer’s Golden Ball in Kiltiernan shut down towards the end of May.

The blinds are down, the oustide lights are still on, the grass at the front is overgrown and the poster for Bagatelle is fluttering on the front wall.

Probably lost out to the pubs and restaurants in Stepaside village."

Golden Ball to re-open before Christmas courtesy of the gentlemen behind New Generation Homes.


Wetherspoon axes Heineken and Murphy’s in all pubs after Dún Laoghaire pub row … -1.2031075


Where’s the competition authority on this

This is market manipulation, plain and simple.

Fair play to Wetherspoons for standing up to Heineken and dropping them from their Irish pubs and all of their UK pubs too BD


it’s not just in Ireland

apparently Blackrock is now a port town - would explain the tattoos and strange accents … abdc0.html


It’s a reference to the new pub in Dún Laoghaire rather than the original in Blackrock I think.


Surprised nobody has committed on why a major brewery is looking for a €60m+ personal guarantee from the UK CEO.

If I was a supplier I would be very very carefully.


I was wondering about the details of the personal guarantees but I didn’t take it that it applied to all the UK business. The IT article implies it related to the Dun Laoghaire pub only:

I was wondering might it not be a guarantee to not sell Heineken for less than €x per pint rather than personally guaranteeing trade debts?