Pubs going bust


Heineken. No longer refreshing the ports other beers cannot reach.


Spoken like a true (Dort-Loine) native!


Heineken keeps poker face despite £60m Wetherspoon blowback … -1.2033442


God bless the simple auld Heino execs in Ireland…wouldn’t be used of dealing in a competitive environment!


the good people have also lost access to Fosters. I’m not sure how we’ll survive…


crazy numbers

just had a look at their website, amazing value

I hope wetherspoons do to the VFI what Aldi/Lidl did to Tesco and co


We’ll survive just fine. No one here gives a X X X X about Fosters anymore. :open_mouth:


Drink beer instead? BD


Ah now, I enjoy Fosters. I saw the menu on boards, they have Goose Island, form the US, for under 3 Euro. That’s impressive.


First Diageo, now heineken. It looks like they will end up only selling craft beers. I hope that they get to open a pub in Dublin city centre.


You’d be hard pressed to buy it in Chicago for less -
Budweiser bought them out or at least 50% a while ago so I guess that’s helped them with distribution. (Honkers ale and the IPA are my favourites)

Fun fact: Goose Island in Chicago is called that because the Irish migrants who lived there kept geese


Muldowneys in Rathcoole closed during the week. It appears that the bank called time on them.


The Irish Times completely out of touch here. There is nothing controversial about JWD’s pricing policy. Cheaper booze has been central to its model from the get go.


Pub chain Wetherspoon to invest €4m in Dublin’s Camden Hall Hostel … 36560.html


Saw some photos of Wetherspoons, apparently open, at old 40 Foot location in DL on facebook. Their website says 22 hours to go, so may have been a preview.


Was in the Tree Tun in Blackrock a few weeks ago, they were having a craft beer week. As part of this you could order a selection of 3 x 1/3 pints of craft beers served on a nice wooden tray for €2.50 - very tasty and I liked the bar enough.

DL is about the same distance from where we live, about 20 mins walk, so looking forward to checking out the 40 foot as well :slight_smile:

Ironically, I’ve pretty much only drank Heineken since I was 18 and then Guinness for the last 5 years… although I have been trying craft beers regularly enough from the supermarkets for a while… so not overly fussy XD


Wetherspoon to spend €50m opening 30 new Irish pubs … -1.2050425


Is there a sea view from the 40 foot ?
Haven’t been there in well over a decade, so can’t recall.

Was in Wetherspoons in Blackrock on Saturday.
Quite busy.
Also noted that I was one of the very few not eating.

#466 … -1.2055095

how much is a Beamish in JDW? It’s cheap as it is (a much underrated beverage)


Seems like Heineken are doing their sums as follows: Cost of lost sales to Wetherspoon vs diluting of premium brand in Ireland as other pubs drop prices to compete, esp. as Wetherspoon expand nationally