Pubs going bust


I went into the 40 Foot on New Year’s Day evening just for a pint but I couldn’t get a seat - it was mobbed. They operate over 2 floors with at least twice the seating density of the old 40 foot (which looked great but had loads of wasted space). Lots of local families eating. They had quite a bit of security on. Early days but it looked like its going well for them.


So is this a victory for Heineken…back in the 970 pubs but dropped from the 2 in Dublin where they weren’t happy with the price being charged. Seems like it to me


Una Mullally, Oracle on everything under the sun, has a pop at Wetherspoons and cheap pub booze today … -1.2054453


She forgot Sally O’Brien and the way she might look at you BD

Can someone please tell me where all these great Irish pubs are cos I can’t find any


Aren’t FG the free market party!


Pull stout properly? More Oirland is different nonsense.


That guff from Una Mullally is just ridiculous. Those pubs used to exist but they are long gone, they are mostly converted to superpubs owned by some consortium or other, or else they are the off licence in your local supermarket having been closed down and sold for the licence.


Atmospheric Irish pubs…where you are “greeted” by surly security guys, standing room only, grubby toilets, absolutely fleeced pricewise and have drink thrown at you by clueless inexperienced barstaff.

And Sky TV with the sound turned off!

Wetherspoons are extremely welcome here!


Anyone else curious as to where some Pinners go for pints?!

Not recognising any of my local pubs from the descriptions thrown around anyway.


Very rarely drink in pubs at all, but when I do, Porterhouse, Against the Grain, occasionally J.D Sweetman (used to be Messrs Maguire), very occasionally Bull & Castle at Christ Chiurch or Mulligan’s in Stoneybatter.

Bleeding Horse now has a relatively OK selection, at least in bottles.

Until recently, I rarely drank in Irish pubs at all, because they had a dull, limited selection of expensive, bland, industrial beer. I’d rarely go in apart from weekend lunchtime, even now, because they’re too damned noisy. Unless I can find something interesting, I’m not going to darken their doors at all.
On the whole, I’d rather have a bottle at home with a meal better than I can get in most pubs and a quiet night with a book.

It’s still a bit of a lottery whether you will find somebody who can hand over a bottle conditioned beer without stirring up all the yeast.

(Something tells me that I’m not really part of their core target clientele. :wink: )


Love Keoghs off Sth Anne Street, recently did an all-dayer in Grogans on Sth William St (it’s xmas!). Occasionally drop into Nearys.
Bleeding Horse or Cassidys on Camden St are also regular haunts

And when in Rathmines, it’s Slatterys. Have 1 or 2 locals I also venture into around the D6W area when meeting mates for a few quiet ones to watch a game.

Was in the Hairy Lemon over xmas for the 1st time in a while…€5.70 a pint- Is that what Una and Mary double-barrell are trying to protect!


I wonder what Wetherspoons deal with Heineken in the UK was, they had them pun intended over a barrel and no real reason to relent.


Hadn’t actually expected answers to that!

Maybe it’s the case that they get better as you move further out from town. The ones in and around Greystones (incl the likes of the Carraig in Killincarrig, the Horse and Hound in Delgany and the Grove) are all good spots. Some good pubs in the rough Stillorgan area too - the Mill House, The Grange, Byrne’s at Galloping Green.

But also getting a feeling people either aren’t really looking all that hard (maybe they’re not that interested, in which case fair enough) or are happy to have a bit of a moan.

Pubs in Ireland are, as a general rule, better than pubs in England, in my experience.


Less noisy and crowded, but also a lower probablility of finding something interesting to drink. Unfortunately, it can come down to a Hobson’s choice of interesting beer in a lousy environment or lousy beer in a marginally less offensive environment.

Indeed, to me, having to go to a pub is the price I pay for sampling an interesting brew. :laughing:

Depends what you’re looking for I suppose. I’d say that in Britain, I’d have a one in three or four chance of any given pub having an interesting drink that might not be completely familiar. In Ireland, it’s proably closer to one in twenty. Otherwise, I find the experiences much the same. :slight_smile:


The one thing I do like about pubs in England is that if you go in and ask for a pint of cider, you get a chat. Here, you get a Bulmers. But even that’s changing.

English pubs (in my experience obviously!) close earlier. The decor isn’t as nice; I’ve found soulless “modern” pubs to be more prevalent in England. Some of the country pubs are closer to restaurants than pubs. The gaming machines are hellish obviously! I’ve also found they’re more likely to be almost empty, but maybe I’ve been unlucky.

There’s good and bad in both countries of course. But I prefer the Irish pub.


Was in the 40ft last week too with my sister for a pint, was pleasantly surprised, thought it was going to be much more dingier, was quite busy and this was on a Monday at 4pm, tho it was Christmas week. Tried the devils Backbone which was not bad IMO. Great spot they got there. A lot of the pubs in DL are struggling the last few years with many going under. Be interesting to see the knock on affect here.


Popped in on Monday.
Very impressed with it.


Passed Wetherspoons in Blackrock tonight.
They were turning people away because of too many inside.

That’s what €2.50 a pint does for your business.


It’s a long time since pubs in Blackrock were doing that kind of business. I remember around 1996-ish when the likes of The Wicked Wolf would be mobbed over the weekends. I think that period coincided with the introduction of late bars which were a real novelty for those of us who grew up with strict 11.30pm closing times.


I think a lot of young people were recruited into the various businesses (Eagle Star etc.) at that time. I remember often driving along the bypass into town at 2am and people would literally be stepping into the road in front of you. These people now have kids, mortgages and maybe live in Gorey.

As Mr. A and I continue to stalk Mr. Wetherspoon’s outlets, I can report a significant amount of activity at the 40 Foot last night but I wasn’t in there.