Pubs going bust




Mcturcaills tara st. is closed. Was a big busy pub for me through the 2000s
Rumoured to re open under a new name in a few weeks.


New name = New ownership ?


New name = New ownership ?


Well Jake, how about you tell us about the amazing business you ran in Ireland doing just that, and the people you employ?

Be very interested.


Irony missed much?


The former Silver Tassie in Loughlinstown on the N11, is now a fancy wine shop with a cafe bar attached, serving food and craft beers (as well as wine, of course.) Was passing today and decided to drop in for a quick pint. A lot of money has clearly gone into it - very “Avoca” like in decor, with cool jazz music on the PA. Worth a visit.


What’s the food like ?


I didn’t eat but a couple beside me ordered some sort of cold meat platter with Italian breads and it looked very tasty and nicely presented. There were several large family “Mother’s Day” groups who were having the full works. (If I was just having a coffee rather than a drink I would have gone for one of the fruit scones I saw at the counter which looked delicious!) It looks like they’re setting up an outdoor patio area at the back which should be popular when the weather improves.

Edit: Just noticed they have a web-site with a good pic of the place. The cafe area is on the right of the picture and you can see the potential patio space which is a bit of a sun trap. I’d say it could do well.


Well it worked for me. Currently enjoying my €3.50 breakfast including a not-terrible coffee with free refills.


Well it worked for me. Currently enjoying my €3.50 breakfast including a not-terrible coffee with free refills.

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the way forward?


Cuckoo’s Nest, Greenhills Road, Dublin, has closed


JD Wetherspoon to open
The Great Wood, Blanchardstown June 23rd
The Old Borough, Swords July 21st
The Linen Weaver, Cork September 1st

Currently being processed: Camden Hall Hostel, Camden Street, Dublin. Abbey Street Lower, Dublin. Arundel Square, Waterford. Tullow Street, Carlow. East Douglas Street, Cork … 4-May2015/


Gonna be mobbed in the blanch.
Without a shadow of a doubt local pubs suffer from theit presence.


Very surprised at that. Wonder if there were bubble era legacies there killing their ability to operate.

No other pubs nearby, if I was a betting man I would guess at a new operation there in that building before long.

Wetherspoons …??

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Ryevale Tavern/Zinc nightclub in Leixlip to make way for an aldi store…sign of things to come?


That’s a shame. Not the worst place to go for a pint. It’s too small to be a Wetherspoons though.
What IS big enough is The Submarine, Crumblin’. If they get The Sub it’ll decimate The Cherry Tree, Kestrel, Village Inn, The Laurels, and, er, The Pines…


Any sign of Whetherspoons Bray? Always rumours flying but nothing ever happens…


I heard from a reliable source that they ‘filled their boots’ with some canny foreign investments.