Pubs going bust


Maybe there is evidence that just proves the case beyond all doubt, but I don’t think that would be the case. The Kestrel might go as it’s a dump barely limping along the last few years, the rest would survive IMO.


I overheard a bar man explaining to a cider buying customer why he was only stocking the new “Orchard Thieves” cider - Heineken are giving the discount that Bulmers used to give - Bulmers no longer give the discount so its a no brainer…

C&C have been having a torrid time enough lately

[and there was me thinking the new brand was some small cider producer…]


Of course, the discount is passed on to the customer, right? Oh wait, the customer is the pubs, not the drinkers… pubs going bust indeed…


well he seemed to be saying that they had always got the discount from C&C so I suppose it was factored in by now … :smiley:


Well, it is called Orchard Thieves!


Lidl got the Hitching Post, seems fair that Aldi get the Ryevale


I was in Crane Lane, a late bar in Cork city last weekend. Ordered a pint of Heineken and a craft beer on tap. €11.60! And they wonder why people are pre drinking more at home!

#535 … p=95685200


EU court to issue opinion on minimum alcohol price … 51173.html

Due this Thursday


European court rejects minimum pricing for alcohol … -1.2338829


Surely this ruling can apply to property too?


Great news. Let’s hope the Irish government back down before we end up in an expensive legal battle with Europe that we’ll surely lose.


Cue expensive legal battle with Europe that we’ll surely lose.


oh FFS it gets worse than that

Varadkar to press ahead with minimum alcohol pricing plan … -1.2338829

selected quotes

“There is nothing in today’s opinion, ahead of the final response from the European Court of Justice later this year, that impedes the Government from proceeding with the plan,” said Alcohol Action Ireland chief executive Suzanne Costello.

Pubowners expressed disappointment with the ruling. The Licensed Vintners Association, reprenting Dublin publicans, said it represented a lost opportunity for public health policy and was a blow for the ontrade


Technically she’s correct, as it’s only the Advocate General’s opinion and not the Court’s decision. But there are very, very few occasions when the Court hasn’t found very closely in line with the AG’s opinion.


Anyone being to the Linen Weaver yet in Cork since it opened a few weeks back? … -1.2348449


There are some limited signs at the moment of increased general activity in the pub trade.
Certainly down here in the south western part of this green island.
It does appear that various pubs that had been closed over the past 5 or 6 years are now opening up again.


An Irish solution to…everything. Tax the bejaysus out of it

New alcohol minimum pricing laws … 73680.html

Of course the Pub trade will somehow manage to use this as an excuse to lift their prices. Cause and effect and all that. So I would not be surprised to see the price of a pint in most Dublin city pubs move very close to the €6 mark during regular hours (€8 a pint in Temple Bar!).

And of course inflation won’t budge!

And will it stop binge drinking, lower consumption etc? Will it fook.
Just more taxes to be handed out as Ministers see fit to ensure re-election


This is nothing more than an indirect subsidy for Irish Ferries and Stena Line.


has anyone done a booze cruise to France recently?