Pubs going bust


This is bound to be a put significant dent in the Irish advertising industry.
A few less celebrity sportsmen cameos too.


Did it two years ago. Would recommend, even though I still have quite a healthy “cellar” two years later.


will my local pub still be allowed to sponsor the local under 12 hurling team? I’m not joking.


Unless you are an aficionado of cheap plonk and tinned wee-wee it seems that in theory you won’t be affected. LeoV was telling the nation that he has saved the Bottle of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay from defilement under this measure. Surely by that benchmark the drinking habits of pinsters won’t be affected. Say it ain’t so Leo!

Of course there may be some feedback loop whereby chancers seek to raise prices all round - who knows.


As long as they do so as a social venue, rather than specifically as a vendor of alcoholic drinks, I can’t see why not.

Still, this is interesting. There must be companies that own both alcohol brands and non alcoholic businesses that will have to be careful about keeping their advertising and sponsorship of the two in separate realms.


I had a very drinkable Riesling Chardonnay from the Pfalz region with my evening meal tonight. €1.99 per bottle. Down with this sort of thing… shur I must be a drunken bowsie.


THE STATE says you are a boswie and a drain on services. So they will take more money off and that improves everything


You are laughably naive if you genuinely think that won’t happen.


Of course it will

Take the €1 “rubbish” can types vs the so called “premium” yellow fizz at, what, €1.50-2 a can?

If the “rubbish” is priced at €2 or course the “premium” marketed brand will cost more

Hopefully what might happen is the price gap between micro and macro might narrow (but the rising tide will probably lift all boats) exposing more people to a better product and supporting small local businesses


Such as your local VFI member?


No - such as the local micro craft brewer employing people and using local produce

Tbh I think it’s a waste of time debating this as no way in hell will it actually be introduced without massive legal headaches


The really worrying thing about this minimum pricing lark is that is has been pushed through largely by Alcohol Action - a highly questionable “charity” who number the Pioneer Total Abstinence crowd among their members. They regularly issue reports, and hold conferences coming up with the most outlandish claims on the part of alcohol. One of their number on Pat Kenny recently claimed that drink driving legislation caused road deaths to halve. (There is very little evidence that random breath testing or the drop in the limit caused any major fall in road deaths.)

I heard one of the campaigners for minimum pricing saying there’s a very good international evidence that it works. There’s hardly any. … -nonsense/
One of the abiding myths about minimum pricing for alcohol is that there is real world evidence from Canada that it ‘works’. This is important to campaigners because the rest of their evidence is based on a questionable computer model from Sheffield University.


It’s just the way it works here, VI’s lobby ministers, ministers legislate accordingly, banana republic


VI given airspace

so called journalist interviewing hasn’t a clue so does a nodding dog impression while VI spouts shite

etc etc


More nanny statism :frowning: seems they just want us to be nothing more than taxpaying cows to be milked for everything we got


A thought just occurred to me…if this narrows the gap between craft beers and mass produced types, and more folk switch to craft beers…will we see more of this

I think even the Pioneers Assoc might back down and ask for the proposals to be dropped


anyone know how much those ubiquitous nasty cans of cider cost? Druids? I think - the ones the homeless guys tend to nurse constantly (not judging - I’d need something I my existence was that miserable)


Found this recently - worth a read

The Tramp Index


Used to be 4 for €5 I think, not sure if that’s still around. Similar/the same as the cheapest (Bavaria, Dutch Gold) beers.


Tarbh Irish Cider 2l Bottle is €4.29 in Tesco.
Similar is £2/€2.80 in UK