Pubs going bust


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sadly this is true. I remember seeing a documentary where a bunch of alcoholics honestly answered why they bought the cheap nasty beer/cider; it was simply a case of bang for the buck and also quickest path to merry.
they are at the stage in their addiction where they want to get drunk ASAP so giving them quality beer or wine would actually annoy them as it takes too long to get them where they want to be.

The beer producers have these high alcohol percentage, low cost beers in their range but they don’t actively market them as they don’t need to as the alcoholics seek these beers out and price/% proof is all they base their purchasing decision upon.

I’m told a story about someone related to me who was an alcoholic and was given whiskey but just before being served the person giving it innocently added water to make it easier to drink. The alcoholic was very annoyed that water was added to the whiskey as they wanted to get drunk.

I don’t see how making alcohol more expensive will stop alcoholics getting drunk, it will just make alcoholics and their unfortunate family/dependents poorer.


wonder if the pubs will now be busier before 11 PM

Judging by the hoardes who have taken to the “12 pubs, drink in gangs” malarkey, plenty of candidates for future alcos


No more of this :cry:


Irish tipplers face clampdown on binge drinking - via @FT


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European Court rules against minimum alcohol pricing … -1.2476070


Muppets will probably go ahead with anyways and then spend years fighting it in the European courts which they will eventually lose and Johnny Taxpayer will foot the bill as usual.


Yeah, that’s what it sounds like on the ToadyFM news this lunchtime :frowning:
Apparently Ireland has more of a drink problem than Scotland and that makes it okay :neutral_face:




This is what really bugs me. A lobby group, who’re really just a bunch of God bothering puritans, insist on a lot of restrictive laws and few people want to argue against them for fear of being seen as either alcoholics themselves or lobbyists for the drinks industry.

For instance, bringing the blood alcohol limit down will stop a lot of law abiding citizens from having even one drink, but will not have any influence on the person who regularly has four or five and drives home.


RIP Minimum Alcohol Pricing… … t-ireland/
Ireland is the most expensive country in the European Union in which to buy alcohol with prices at 175% of the EU average, according to new data from Eurostat.


Do you have references to back up that assertion?



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They haven’t gone away, you know. :nin


Wetherspoon Irish expansion ‘on hold’ due to property prices … -1.2720091

They mentioned planning permission issues in Camden St, Dublin and Waterford. The Douglas one in Cork also had big issues and I heard they’d pulled out altogether lately.


I literally had the worst meal ever in their Blanchardstown branch. I wasn’t expecting much but it was shockingly bad. Good riddance.


There’s a lot of local competition with Captain America and TGI Friday. You must try them all :smiley:


It was an experiment, I’ll admit. My taste is usually more refined!