Pubs going bust


did you complain? Pay?

What do Pinsters think? how bad does a meal have to be before you say “feck that; call the cops but I ain’t paying!”?


My experience of the Blackrock one: The chicken caesar is usually good. Burgers are meh. Breakfast is good.


The only time I ever did a “dine and dash” was in a warren-like restaurant where we waiting for over half an hour for someone to take our money, during which period we didn’t see a single member of staff.

I was young and stupid. Now I am older.


Unfortunately, you have to pay while ordering, it was about 20 euro for two adult meals and a kids hotdog meal including drinks. They had neither fish or burgers left so went with a cheese-steak sandwich. I was out shopping before my summer holidays so was in too good a mood to demand my money back. I did leave a bad review online though.


Drank four pints of delicious foaming ale in the Wetherspoons 40 Foot a few months ago.


No complaints.


Oliver Hughes has died :frowning: … 27076.html


Claw has lost his grip in bankruptcy -[sub required] -> … -tmjgdhgzb
February 19 2017


GE Money again, that’s how they roll. Only deal with subprime borrowers then take their assets when borrowers go bust.


The Sweaties won their case. This does not augur well as the killjoys in Ireland will surely bandwagon on this and the average Joe will get hit even harder for his drink. This is nanny-state-ism of a singularly high order. … m-pricing/


unless you’re drinking absolute piss it’ll be above the min price anyway?

though it might mean a shift upwards in price in stuff above the minimum price. I’m not too bothered the State getting more back from a can of ultra-cheap cider anyway, let’s face it the money probably cam,e from the State to begin with


As I understand it - so as not to upset Guinness or the publicans, it’s not an increase in duty but a minimum price, so it’s extra money for Tesco or Lidl…


yeah; but VAT?




Revenue’s real target are the large supermarkets selling below cost. One was selling wine cheaply as a loss leader which resulted in them claiming more vat back on the purchase than they were remitting on the final sale and I recall a figure of a €60m p.a loss to the exchequer.


that could have been ringfenced easily enough though?


Not my area but the mechanics of vat are relatively simple until you tinker with them I believe. Loss leaders might have always triggered such revenue losses but the scale here was remarkable, also you might be accused of restricting free competition but you have the moral cause of preventing social harm in this measure.

It just also now occurs to me, what happens with a liquidators sale where this might occur - do we want another layer of billable administration in the cash cow that is liquidation?


Slightly off topic but in my local Sainburys here in London a 2 ltr bottle of own brand cider (4%) is £2.15.
Beside it was another brand of cider (5.2%) again 2 ltr at £2.55.

I’m sure you can get cheaper in Asda or Lidl.

I don’t believe anyone buys this stuff other than those looking to get absolutely pissed as cheaply as possible or those seriously damaged by alcohol abuse.


UK Lidl cider 2l 5.3%alcohol £1.99
IE Lidl cider 2l 5.3% €3.79


This is going to hit ordinary punters hard make no mistake with minimal to no benefits to public health. I have very limited disposable income due to crippling mortgage commitments due to my income falling when I had to switch professions in the downturn due to redundancy. I watch every penny and I am lucky to darken the doors of a licenced establishment about 3 or 4 times a year with the missus and about 2-3 times a year with friends purely for ‘pints’. I already avoid social events due to not being able to afford to go out which is embarrassing and detrimental to my mental health as I feel I am losing touch with family/friends. My drinking habits consist of 8 -12 cans of tuborg (4%abv) or bavaria (4.3% abv) on the weekend with one or two craft beers as a ‘treat’ - I reckon I will be €15-€20 per month out of pocket and just pissed off in general with being stiffed for spurious public health reasons.

Is the alcoholic reducing their cheap cider intake from 80 to 60 units per week really going to improve their health enough to see an improvement in public finances?


yeah I’m told VAT is tricky for accounting

I was more thinking that as alcohol is a special case you say no more below cost selling/if you do you won’t get VAT back on it. B