Pubs going bust


Ha, wait till you see "Please Use Words Responsibly or Face Fines" :whistle:


Individual responsibility.

I don’t want to live in a society where a government is deciding everything we can do. Plenty of lobby groups that won’t stop until it is banned. Gen Z and millennials are drinking less (identifying as ‘sober curious’ no less)

Apart from some muslim states we have the most restrictive licensing laws and one of the highest taxation schemes on the planet, minimum pricing etc. There is loads of legislation and restrictions already and more than enough time and effort has been expended by successive governments recently. We have enough nanny state.


I absolutely don’t want alcohol banned. I reckon banning alcohol would result in money for organised crime. I want people educated to the risks involved and to reduce their harmful relationship with it. I want regulations on what TV, Radio and other media outlets say about the stuff outside of adverts.
I want the advertising banned. I think the drinks industry deserves to be heavily regulated by health authorities. Laws on serving underage kids need to reflect the crime of selling drugs to children etc. I want us to stop glorifying the stuff.


I want, I want, I want…


Ireland sober is Ireland stiff


Why would you care so much about other peoples drinking habits?

If you dont partake fair play. If you educate your own kids fair play.

But again, why worry about what others choose to drink?


It’s call the common good. It used to be a thing.


Alcohol isn’t bad for you if it’s drank in moderation.

Like sugar.
Like salts.
Like fats.
Like loud music.
Like everything.

How much more can it be regulated?! Unfortunately you can’t force common sense on people.


One mans common good is anothers Orwellian safe space.


The Irish people are not “common”, and they can each decide for themselves what’s good or bad, thank-you-very-much.


As I said, it used to be a thing. I’m not surprised to see few people even understand the concept anymore.


Why don’t you come down off your high horse and explain it to us all then?


Obviously not your thing then.


Says you.

But lets let him who makes the claim provide the explanation.


I want.
I want.
I want

A Pint!


Anti alcohol thinking is invariably a po-faced thing for Anti-Social people who want to feel superior. You’re really not.


Alcohol consumption in Ireland almost trebled over four decades between 1960 ( 4.9 litres of pure alcohol per capita) and 2000 ( 14.1 litres of pure alcohol per capita), as alcohol became much more affordable and more widely available.Since then, our alcohol consumption has declined by 19.6%, from a peak of 14.3 litres of pure alcohol per capita in 2001, to 11.5 litres in 2016.

I’m not citing the VFI…

Wikipedia gives WHO 2016 data @ 10.9 litres for Ireland and ranks us 11th among 33 OECD countries.


Or a throwback to our catholic totalitarian past.


It’s not Catholicism that’s anti alcohol consumption. But, perhaps the branch in Ireland were.


Is it really that fucking difficult for some selfish saps to consider the common good?