Purchasing and Selling Strategies

bit silly strategy - if this really was a good strategy -

how about this for a selling strategy.

come to a figure that you want to sell your gaff for.
increase the asking price by 66%
wait for geckos 40% less offer.

Troll. Bitter one at that.

third time today i’ve had a personal attack - any chance you pinster can debate the issue at hand?
and then people wonder why i dont come here as much as i used to :cry:

Being called a troll is not a personal attack. The other comments were modded.

What do you expect when you deliberately misrepresent information.

what information did i misrepresent?
the buyers “strategy” is to offer 40% less than asking.
my suggested sellers “strategy” was to up your asking price by 66%.

my strategy is used to highlight the stupidity of the buyers strategy.
some houses are priced to sell - thats why saying “offer 40% below the asking” is silly

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Now, Get back to the original topic folks. Whether insults or not, they certainly aren’t contributing to the discussion.

Well, let’s see… Even if you increased the price of this one by 66%…


Would it be priced to sell then? Yes, I suppose is the answer… :wink:

Trouble is, it didn’t did it…

Actually fourth time, I snuck one by the mods. You mustn’t be Sex and the City fans. :angry:

right, too much trolling and flaming going on for this to be useful.

topic locked.