Purple rain!?


My eyes!

Love the wide angle on Photo 6…

I wonder did he / she put down amateur photographer on the CV… :open_mouth:

I had similar issues with my old camera. I think the lense was just getting old.

Any white started being more red/pink

That camera needs a gentle whack. Sort it right out.

The deceptively wide photos are well in fashion. Effective too. Compare these two…

Hard to believe they’re the same kitchen. The top one looks like it’s from a McMansion on the Tuam Road.

Yes but what about the price. Another house shoved in the side garden, D24, 455k or 14 times average earnings of E32,600 (per www.cso.ie 2007 Q2). Long way to go.

Nothing wrong with the camera,the agent was on acid when he took the picture,how else would you explain the colour and the valuation? :smiley: