Putin, Russia and the West


Try The Economist, FT, Wikileaks etc. The number $43 bn has been bandied around as an estimate of Putin’s personal wealth. How exactly does an obscure Swiss firm (Guvnor) come out of nowhere to become the third biggest oil trader in the world in the space of a few years? One of the nominal owners being an old judo buddy of Putin’s might be just a coincidence, maybe…


That’d be Gunvor! - Freudian slip?

but yeah; in the commodities trading world Gunvor is, rightly or wrongly, perceived as a front for Putin…


The Billions come originally from the wikileaks data

telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne … lions.html
The palace would never cost 1 billion dollars however.

It’s possible that Putin and his supporters are running a sophisticated political distraction game as outlined by Adam Curtis and he doesn’t really care about any real reforms.


Freudian slip or errant spell checker, thanks for correcting.


He never cared about reform for reform’s sake. It was always only about strengthening the state so that it can be ruled by him and his crew for the benefit of him and his crew.


reminds me of CJH. He actually see himself as a patriot, but shure he’s entitled to get rich while being a strongman. Well, he’s worth it.



Seems to be a country run a by a virulent group of bastards.


online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 … TopStories


That is some logic and really just shows that you simply hate the US and UK.

Putin started off good but his true colours are that of an evil bastard who is not above rigging elections, war mongering, assassination & elimination of political opponents. So right up there with Bush & co.


and what is wrong with that? Ireland got Independence from the UK and Scotland may follow yet.
Maybe the US wouldnt be such a bully if it were 52 states instead of one superpower


breakingnews.ie/world/russia … 42314.html


Russia is the perfect example of the middle income trap. Peter the Great dragged it into the early modern world around 1700 and relative to everywhere else, it’s remained in the same position pretty much ever since.


is this some sort of ironic commentry on Russia or am I missign something?





The author Escobar seems to have been prophetic, having wrote this just before 9/11


Why Putin is Driving Washington Nuts - Pepe Escobar -> veteranstoday.com/2012/03/10 … ngton-nuts







Putin is a fucking scumbag. End of.

Whoever said Russia has potential clearly hasnt looked at its demographics.
Its a dying country. A dangerous country. A trapped animal. Its slowly imploding and Putin is a symptom of this.

He’s the biggest danger to Europe since Stalin.

The biggest geo-political question of this era, possibly ever, is who gets control of Russias resources when it finally does succumb; us (Europe) or the Chinese?


As are several world leaders. He’s a smart f#cker though compared with a lot of other world leaders. You also have to consider the powerful kleptocrat factions he is dealing with, not so easy to take them all out without finding the same thing happening to him.

Actually they are on the up again with lot’s of immigrants moving in from the surronding states that broke off the Soviet Union.

The EU project and NATO are probably the biggest danger to Europe in their attempt to create a central superstate and involving us in military conflicts outside our borders. Both sides have nukes so there is no danger of invasion. The threat from Russia is economic, we are dependent on the energy supplies that come from their regions.

The Russians are paranoid about invasion and with very good reason having seen off the Poles, the Frenchand the Germansnot to mention the invaders from the East and the border with China. The Soviet Union already collapsed, Russia is not going to collapse any time in my life time, nor is the United States (though their military and dollar will), the European Union probably will dissolve.