Putin, Russia and the West




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Amid international concern about the integrity of the global oil markets, we report on the Kremlin’s favourite oil trade


Vladimir Putin on foreign policy: Russia and the changing world - Vladimir Putin -> valdaiclub.com/politics/39300.html



What a load of absolute bollocks. That kid gets his facts wrong in so many places and his analysis is one dimensional twaddle. McFaul (new US ambassador) being behind the protests in Russia would be a laughable comment if it weren’t so insulting to the hundreds of thousands of Russians who have gone out on the streets since last November. Putin tries to tar the opposition with the brush of being puppets of the US because that is his modus operandi. Create an external threat and internal paranoia to maintain control. And this bozo falls for it hook, line and sinker.




The sentences given to these women is outrageous. And for anyone who voices an objection they can expect to be bankrupted and jailed.


Mostly true, regardless of one’s opinion of the author


for this racket I’m not sure … :slight_smile: Catchiest name for a band I heard in a long while … anyone spot any Dead Kennedy’s influences


I’ve yet to hear one piece of music from this “punk” group. Are they any good? Or are they one of those performance art punk outfits like the dreadful Virgin Prunes? Anyway, I’ve no doubt that they’ll be out of jail on appeal, or some other such face-saving excercise, very soon. (Suppose it’s only a matter of time before St Bono gets involved…)

Edit: Just saw above post. Nuff said!


Bliderbergs did have a “Putin 2.0” on their list of things to “discuss” :angry:


:unamused: Always with the trolling.


Russia and the New Cold War in Syria - Mehdi Sanaei -> iranreview.org/content/Docum … -Syria.htm


Erm, Moscow admits it is not a democracy?


More like Iran admitting it’s not a democracy, no?


“and finally China and Russia.”…


Pedant alert…

…but is the source not Iranian?


The Great Game lives on and the stakes are far higher. Eventually, Putin may have to depend on the Chinese to avoid justice. If so, a heavy price could be exacted with territory changing hands and Siberian rivers turning south.


One to watch, but the deals are already being done between the Russian oligarchs and the Chinese to exploit the Siberian Rivers… hydroelectricity for now.


No Russian have I. However this video/report seems to indicate one of the members is A Canadian Resident and there also a short montage of blurred out porn pictures and I have no idea what is been reported here. My guess is one of the members is depicted in the photos? Can anyone translate?

I’ll not comment yet becasue I am rather late to this party.