Putin, Russia and the West


Is this the right thread for East Ukraine?

ft.com/cms/s/0/72925b56-4daf … z4EvK3efnd


Kiev car bomb kills top Belarusian journalist Sheremet - bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-36843808


August 2008.

Russian incursion of Georgia during Olympics and US presedential election. Something else happened in markets that year…

August 2016.
Ooh, look. Russia stepping up Ukraine conflict again, during Olympics and US presidential election.


Dan O’Brien pushing the ‘Ireland needs to join NATO’ agenda
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Robbie Martin is Abby Martins bother.


Yet more provocative actions by the warmongering Americans. Why the hell are the US warplanes patrolling the Black Sea? They’re just itching for the Russians to instigate a conflict. XX

rt.com/news/358564-us-spy-p … tercepted/


Is this an assessment you apply only to the US or do you also think ‘warmongering Russia is itching for the US or the UK to instigate a conflict’ when its planes do the same thing in the English Channel and off the Pacific coast of the USA?




It’s well known that the Black Sea is totally surrounded on one quarter by Russia, that means no-one else is allowed to fly over, certainly not NATO members on behalf of other NATO members… equally, Russian planes have the fly the English Channel in support of the Soviet Republic of Chingford.

Not only is RT propaganda believed, but atlases are disbelieved. Are there no depths to ignorance? Or is it all just astro-turf?


I hadn’t seen that second one before. It’s unbelievably brazen. Basically the independent monitor has telephoned the polling station complaining about ballot stuffing he’s witnessed on their webcam (all polling stations are supposed to transmit continuous webcam footage). While he is still on the phone complaining about it, so they know they are being watched, they still go ahead and stuff some more ballots in.


Excellent report in English by Reuters on the mechanics of the election fraud.
reuters.com/article/us-russi … SKCN11Q1RI


theguardian.com/world/2016/ … ys-estonia

Crossing into territory now, if Estonia shot them down it - as it would have had the right to do then what would have happened?
And what happens when Russia can send in jets in unopposed whenever it wants


He did, but there is a difference what with Estonia bordering Russia. Maybe they should be shooting at them. Purposely missing but sending the warning - if you can do that with an anti aircraft missile without making it look like a deliberate miss


You know things are bad when even US News are writing stories like this…


the money quote…

For a very sober Finnish government paper on the subject…


The political analysis of Russia is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

Remember, that’s the Finns talking, a neutral country with a very long history of successfully escaping the Russian claws. But only by fighting very very hard for their freedom. And having absolutely no illusions of who or what they are dealing with.

Also note that the Latvians and Estonians are actively arming and training large partisan groups to fight after the Russians invade.

The last time around it took the Russians almost 10 years to suppress them all. And that was after murdering half a million of them first. The Baltic countries have no illusions about what they are up against. The most recent Estonian annual intelligence report is an even toned but deeply scary document.


Fleet sailing down the channel.
Syrian cease fire breaking down
Russians call for safe corridors for people to leave Aleppo
All they are waiting for now is to weigh anchor before blowing the sh!te out of the place.


Probably the most important news this week…


That’s the first time a full armored brigade and the support combat aviation has been deployed so far forward. These guys have been training hard to stop Russian tank and motorized brigades the last year or two. And the Russians have been moving a whole bunch of those around on the Baltics, Polish border recently.

This is now very very 1983…


Not sure if a website called “Stars & Stripes” would be considered an unbiased source of info on what’s happening on Russia’s border. :angry:

Being surrounded by NATO/US military bases is most likely the reason for so called Russian aggression, eh?


Its the US military paper and its a story about a deployment. What is being deployed where is the story.

As for Russia being “surrounded”. Thats just the old Soviet propaganda. So just pure imperialism. Funny how since 1945 its the Russians who invade its neighbors and not vice versa.

And apart from 1941, which in many ways a nice payback for its 1939 act of pure cynicism, Russia has not been “invaded” since 1920. But it sure has invaded and /or occupied lots of its neighbors.

Lets see, Finland (twice), Poland (three times), the Baltics (twice), Ukraine (twice), Hungry (once), Czechoslovakia (once) ,and if Stalin had not died, Yugoslavia as well… and thats just the western frontier.

Reminds me of the old Soviet era joke… you do know in Russian the phrase “We want peace” can also be translated as “We want the world”…


Your little list kind of pales in comparison to the seventy countries invaded by the USA since gaining independence in 1776. :laughing:

How dare Russia place their country so close to all those US/Nato military bases. XD


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And don’t you realize that the US (and its European allies) are responsible for destabilizing Ukraine which eventually led to the coup and the installation of a puppet Western backed government in Kiev? Of course Putin was never going to risk losing their extremely important Black Sea base in Crimea, hence the annexation.