Putin, Russia and the West


Go try that line of argument with your Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian neighbors. If you are lucky they wont call you a fucking idiot to you face. Probably wont. As thats how they usually deal with such profound ignorance as yours. Polite silence. Why try to talk to such a obvious fool.

Or how about asking them how many of their immediate relatives were murdered by the Russians or their henchmen. Or how many of their relatives (in the case of Lithuanians) have been called up to defend their country. The Baltics are basically on a war footing by this stage. With Finland not far behind them and the Swedes scrambling desperately to catch up. You know, after that Russian mock nuclear attack on Stockholm and the repeated deliberate penetrations of its airspace by aircraft with live weapons systems. That’s why Swedish fighters are currently flying CAP patrols over the Baltic countries.

Or how about asking any of the Ukrainians around town, quite a few of them at the moment, about Holodomor. I’m sure you have not heard of that either. Its not just the Poles who had millions of people murdered by the Russians in very recent history.

Ah Crimea. An autonomous republic that is Russian only due to the mass deportation and attempted genocide of the indigenous Tartars and mass colonization by the Russian.

So what was you point again apart from some juvenile what’about’ery?


Did you get a look at the Finnish parliamentary research groups paper on Russian policy and internal politics I linked to a few posts up? I think it got the dynamics about right and Putins need to be confrontation or else lose political control. Which in his mind is to end up like Gadaffi.

This is not going to end well. I see a base like the ABM base in Redzikowo in Poland getting wacked by a Russian YAR before this is over.

Meanwhile it looks like we are definitely in Defcon 3 territory as of today…


In reply to a placed story in NBC…


Given current stated Russian military strategy we could be veering into Defcon 2 territory in the next 7 to 10 days.

Finger crossed. And stock up on a few cases of beer in case the situation gets “interesting”…


So Vlad stays popular and in power by attacking Finland or maybe another western country, I have no doubt he will posture and pump up the rhetoric, but do you really think he would move against a country like Finland, I just don’t see it


Well the Finns take it very very seriously.

They are planning to militarize Aland and arming up in a way they have not since the Continuation War. Finland joining NATO was even on the table in the last election. Which given Finlands history of assertive accommodation of the Russians since 1921 is a huge step. They never ever talked about NATO during the Cold War.

Both the Swedes and Finns are integrating their military into NATO structures much in the same way France did post 1966. The Swedes even went public about their agreement with NATO to use Swedish airbases as NATO forward bases in any escalation with Russia. With Sweden fully integrated into NATO air defense infrastructure.

Again, in the context of the history of Nordics neutrality this is a really big deal.


Why do you feel the need to insult anyone who disagrees with your myopic point of view? Russia are mere choirboys when you compare their foreign policy over the decades to that of the US.


Erm, they weren’t until they started invading bits of Europe that they have irredentist claims to. Like Czechoslovakia :neutral_face:


Eh, 1938 small memory man…


Ok, now I’m confused. I thought you were referring specifically to Russia/USSR/Moscow invading Czechoslovakia? And, like Mightyz, I presumed that was a reference to 1968. So why 1938?


If you are referring this bit…


…it was the Poles and Hungarians who made moves in '38…

It did not end up in the SU till '45. After the SU swallowed a large chunk of Poland. Which to add to the confusion, was mostly Ukrainian.


Yes, I thought about that as well but it seems too inconsequential in terms of what came later.


The two sentences were not directly connected, sorry; I was in a hurry! The first refers to the Russian irredentist claims, the second to the Nazi justification for their immediate invasions - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_oc … hoslovakia

Irredentism (“that’s our land”) was used for Bohemia, the rest of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, France. Prior claims are the pretext dictators use to rouse their populations.


Interesting pro russian sentiments appearing today in Moldova and Bulgaria
reuters.com/article/us-moldo … SKBN1380TN
Pro-Russian candidate triumphs in Moldova presidential race

romania-insider.com/exit-pol … -bulgaria/
Exit polls: Socialist candidate wins presidential elections in Bulgaria


Putin now has someone to do his bidding in relation to the EU
He may make life difficult for the UK on Brexit and cause further division (as if any is needed) in the EU.
EU overreach is coming back to haunt them


Maybe because of the decline in North sea production, the UK is now a net importer AFAIK

So if Ireland was buying from the UK we would have needed to find a different supplier


no your just looking up some dodgy information :wink:
Someone is out by a factor of 10 or more
11bn in fuel, not even remotely likely


Apparently Ireland spends €5.7bn per annum on imported fossil fuels, mostly from terrorist supporting regimes in the Middle East and north Africa.

independent.ie/business/iris … 66389.html


Although this infographic shows conflicting info claiming that most of Ireland’s oil is imported from Norway and Denmark.


CSO. Trade is roughly 200 pa with Russia



Quite a good documentary on the west’s suspicion and misunderstanding of Russia


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