Putin, Russia and the West


(Warning: Some Images are explicit in nature)

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Seems these guys Voina have been at it before…

So why the media frenzy over Pussy Riot?

It reminds me much of Bernays “Torches of Freedom” lark.

Also relevant to the facebook thread but none the less carries the point,


BELLING THE CAT — THE BBC ROLE IN FABRICATING THE PUSSY RIOT AFFAIR - John Helmer, Moscow-> johnhelmer.net/?p=7852#more-7852


John Helmer is a bit of a joke and this article clearly shows why. He takes what is ostensibly Pussy Riot inviting the BBC to rehearsal (nothing strange there, they are nothing if not media savvy) and attempts to recast it the Pussy Riot being puppets of the BBC (and, by inference, more sinister anti-Russian figures in the British establishment. He presents no evidence at all to support this argument yet states his wild conclusion as a fact in the headline. It is rubbish, pure and simple, and very obviously so. Why would you even bother to post it here?


These are the international political issues we should worry about, not the Middle East. I believe the biggest problem is actually China’s evolution, which will affect Russia and everywhere else. Will China change into something like Japan, or will it eventually seek something far less benign for the rest of humanity? Putin is a crucial figure as he has moved Russia away from Europe and the West. His crimes may make reconciliation with us impossible. This may critically affect the world’s ability to contain China in this authoritarian phase of its development, which me must hope will end within the next fifty years.




Russians draft ‘Guantanamo list’ to sanction U.S. officials - Sergei L. Loiko -> latimes.com/news/world/world … 7573.story


Severe Economic Crisis in Russia Looms - -> pjmedia.com/blog/severe-economic … sia-looms/
October 5, 2012

Putin’s next generation - Ben Judah -> ecfr.eu/blog/entry/putins_next_generation
6th December 2012


To follow up on Barney’s post above.





Anyone who thinks Putin is anything other than a murdering bastard is wrong.

How many journalists has this fucker killed?


I agree with you and if you’re counting bodies, he still does not even get a look in compared with the American presidents since the Soviet Union collapsed. There is no longer any check on the Americans and they’ve gone on the rampage.


If it’s a choice between an authoritarian Obama or an authoritarian Putin… you got to go with the humour.

espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/_/i … -bowl-ring


Krafts version has the "ring of truth about it " :-GC


That is brilliant. Has anyone seen the Simpsons episode where Burns gives the Trillion dollar bill to Castro to look at?



He is the best villain

guardian.co.uk/world/2013/ju … imir-putin



this guy looks like the only fella that might stop the neocons crazy march to WWIII

tell them to take their fucking AlCIAda out of Syria and go somewhere else to build their bloody pipelines
it used to be no blood for oil, nows it no blood for gas from Qatar


Why so many dashcams in Russia