Putin, Russia and the West


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To add to that (^^^), the Polish Paramilitaries preparing for war.


Militias are hardly the answer to any potential Russian threat
Maybe spending there agreed 2% on defense as per NATO rules
Estonia is the only one spending 2% AFAIK


They are response to so called hybrid war threat, where RF would deploy unmarked special forces.

As GW Bush said once, you forgot Poland :wink:


I am very late to the Putin paranoia party, but over the last few weeks it’s something that is increasingly worrying me. In the past I always dismissed Putin as an isolated troublemaker who would eventually get his comeuppance. I thought the cratering of the oil price would put Russia into a recession which would cause the the electorate to boot him out. Remarkably, the collapse in the oil price seems to have barely touched him, or his popularity. It seems like he just used the domestic crisis at home to act in an even more belligerent manner. The scary thing is that it has worked. Domestically, he is more popular than ever. In terms of direct military engagements, he has won in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria. In terms of political influence abroad, he may have had some sort of influence in toppling the Democratic party in the recent US election. Did it win the election? Maybe, maybe not - but you only need to take a look at the likes of ZeroHedge and other sewer’s that have started adopting a pro-Russian line to see there has been some impact. With the US neutralised, he now has his eye on dividing Europe. He has destabilised it indirectly by encouraging Syrian migration through the horrific atrocities that Assad is inflicting in that country. Also, he is surely funding or providing some sort of covert support to anti-establishment movements in Europe. It is impossible to believe that the likes of the Five Star movement, or any other protest party in Europe should take a pro-Russian position on ideological grounds. If we believe that, then there is an incredible irony that Putin is using a migration crisis that he has engineered to support political parties who are attacking the EU because there is a migrant crisis. This all sounds like a conspiracy theory, but just watch RT TV. You have a morally and politically bankrupt leadership in Russia that is attacking Europe, claiming it’s not representative or free - it’s all so surreal. Europe certainly has problems, it certainly needs reform (in the grand scheme of things, minor) but at least it’s democratic, it’s free, it’s a force for good. It’s all very classic divide and conquer - a broken Europe has no hope at preventing Russia from taking action in the Baltics or Russia.

Despite Brexit, Trump, Five Star and all the other tinpot movements out there coming to prominence, I don’t think the political establishment are taking the threat posed seriously enough.


Conspiracy theory too far on Syria. US Sunni allies (Turkey, Qatar, Saudi) wished to destabilise and take down Syria a Iranian client state. US assisted a little- and created political difficulties Asad. Russia primarily wants to retain its port there ( also why not flex a little muscle). Russia also slightly allied to Iran- in an anti American way.
Migrants are an entirely different phenomenon- mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa ( through Libya) - how can one blame Syria or Russia for African migrants moving through a Libya destroyed by France, Italy ( with firepower supplied by US)?


Is there not a danger for Putin that he may embed Russia more in the middle East and end up with another Afghanistan?


Merkel has infinitely more power over immigration into the EU than Putin ever could.
That particular mess is entirely her fault.

The stresses in the EU are entirely the fault of the EU ruling elite.
They have been forcing an agenda that the citizens don’t want.
They have been proven time & again to be wholly out of touch.
The EU that people signed up to in the 1970’s is a very different organisation to the EU beast that exists now. And they don’t like it nor want it.

Brexit isn’t a problem.
Brexit is a symptom of a problem.

You want to hear about a lack of democracy ?
Try and get a referendum on EU membership in any country now !
The only reason the UK got one was because of Cameron taking a stupid gamble.
A gamble he thought he would win.
France, Denmark, Austria & The Netherlands would probably leave tomorrow, if they were given a vote.
But they wont be.
That’s European democracy for you.

Voters don’t naturally vote for extreme left or right parties.
Hence they are the exception rather than the norm.
Something forces them to do so.
Politicians ignoring voters concerns for decades has prompted this shift.
People have had enough.

Importantly, Brexit & Trump has given the sidelined voters confidence their voice will win through.

We don’t need Putin to explain any of the stresses occurring in the EU.
The causes are all internal.

Say hello to your El Presidente.

Just to add, I’m not by any means saying Putin is an angel.
As ex-head of the KGB with about 30 years political experience, I’m quite sure he’s capable of killing with ease.
But when it comes to the EU, we don’t need him as our scapegoat.


Putin prefers conditions of near war for domestic reasons but he will gladly pick up anything that falls into his lap as a result. Ethnic Russian unrest in the Baltics and elsewhere would suit him perfectly as it has in Ukraine. Given the tensions in the EU and the confusion over Trump’s foreign policy direction, there is ample scope for serious miscalculation on somebody’s part.


Contrast the reporting in mainstream media between Aleppo and Mosul, and think again about where the sewer really is.



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Meanwhile EU expansion gets bogged down in Macedonia

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Emphasis added.



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“according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter”. Yet again, more anonymous sources. :angry:

And did you really just cite Buzzfeed as a reliable news source?


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