Putin, Russia and the West


Another false flag chemical weapons attack by Assad on his own citizens. Why would he gas his own people after the US backed/funded/armed terrorists (ISIS etc) have been mostly defeated and the US recently spoke of pulling out of Syria? XX Haven’t we been here several times before? It’s amazing that so many gullible people still get sucked in by the propaganda from the mainstream media.

We’re very close to a major conflict kicking off in the Middle East.


Previously… on Mad Men…



Why would Assad attack his own citizens? Look up the definition of a civil war. And why now? Because that great foreign policy strategist Trump had announced that he wanted to pull out of Syria. And the attack got results. Of course Trump has painted himself into a corner, having retaliated in response to a previous gas attack, so who knows what he will do?


Very dicey situation at the moment. Could escalate quickly and very seriously.


It looks that way, it amazing that Assad seems to use chemical weapons after he has an important victory, its like he’s an idiot or something else might be going on


Why not use conventional weapons? He’s fully aware of the consequences from the international community of using chemical weapons against innocent civilians. It absolutely stinks of a false flag event.


The important victory came after the use of chemical weapons.

Do you think that up to now, Assad’s soldiers had been using nerf guns?


The biggest cheerleaders for ousting Assad were also the biggest opponents of Donald Trump during the 2016 USA election cycle. looks like you’re allies now, and you were inadvertently doing Trump’s work.


Supposedly Trump said not two weeks ago he wanted out of Syria ‘very soon’.

Apparently we are asked to believe that Assad didn’t actually want this so he decided to kill his own civilians with Chemical weapons to promote a response. The same operation and response that Russia Today reported on 17th March. Now Trump wants in again. Trump is a passenger on this roller coaster.

US and British special forces are operating on the Ground in Syria. I can’t recall the British parliament authorising presence on the ground, following the Cameron defeat in 2013, but about a week ago a British Paratrooper was killed on the ground.


For starters, let’s hope nothing sinks. Which would also be a good finish too.


A public note from the President of the United States:

Well, that escalated quickly (after six or seven years)

Is there any chance Trump is excited about this as a way to prove he is not compromised by links to Russia?

Maybe too simplistic. We couldn’t have a war over that…


Donald Trump, from 2013: “Why do we keep broadcasting when we are going to attack Syria. Why can’t we just be quiet and, if we attack at all, catch them by surprise?”
The cynic in me says it’s to give Assad’s and Putin’s personnel time to evacuate assets from obvious targets.


A news broadcast said today that the Russians and Americans have an understanding to give 90 minute warning of a strike.
If I was in the Syrian Army and noticed a lot of Russians moving out of an area, I’d be going with them.



Asad is more than willing to take a few airstrikes as the price to pay for quashing the rebels. In all likelihood in 6 months from now the UN will still be going around in circles and Asad will have an even larger grasp of his turf.


As I mentioned before, Israel will bear the brunt of any retaliation.
Russia has said it will strike launch sites of any missiles fired too, so…

Its this simple: Russia is a basket case with only natural resources to keep it afloat.
Losing Syria would mean a pipeline for gas coming directly from the Gulf undermining and undercutting Russias largest source of income.
This is why the Russians are in Syria and why they will not, under any circumstances, allow Syria to fall.

I think the EU leadership are stupid enough and think Russia weak. And they are correct.
But to press the Russians here is suicide, they have no other option. Without higher prices Russia itself will collapse.

So my (grim) take is this - After Israel, the next escalation point is Western Europe.
Thats you and me.


Already ongoing… multi annual migrant flotillas in the med flanked by marching armies of migrants (WWZ) and various attacks in high profile capitals w/casualties or do you mean an escalation of this, the new normal?


I doubt it

No its not, what year are you living in

Yes I think thats the main reason but its clearly not the only reason they have other very important interests

Russia is NOT on the brink of collapse


Meanwhile China gives the cage a rattle.


Some dangerous stuff going around on the web about this chem attack in Douma.

This site (in german) reveals partial info tomgard.blog/2018/04/13/farsnew … ebergeben/

It seems some or all of UK/France/Israel were involved in planting/detonating a chem weapon in Douma… unfortunately they were captured by the Syrians/Iranians.
The Russians now have concrete proof of Euro involvement.

This also sheds light on the pants-shitting going on in London and the midget cheerleading in Paris; they both potentially ordered and executed the gassing of civilians.
The Germans apparently were not informed about this little jape and this is the meaning of Merkels announcement that Germany would not be taking part in military action.
Alas the Yanks werent informed either and this is why TheDonald tweeted about missiles coming and then both he and Matiss backed away from the threat.

If there are any US strikes on Syria, in return for their silence, its likely they will be directed by the Russians at UK/French interests.

Fog or war, or what?

All very 1956/Suez, isnt it?