Putin, Russia and the West


Wasn’t it a year ago that the UK was trying to block a resolution for a UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons by Saudi Arabia in Yemen?

I wonder did the UK have anything to do with the Saudi’s chemical weapons programme? :angry:


Doing it on a Friday night with no politicians around to challenge legitimacy…



I hope we’re all following the meta narrative -



thesun.co.uk/news/6075834/f … -cover-up/


washingtonpost.com/world/mi … c5abc3a6a8


The Credulity Theory mob are hard at work here. Remarkable to behold

(I put this here as a juxtaposition to the whole Irish housing shortage/emergency stories that are a similar sort of con-job; the bigger the lie, the more will believe it.)


Can’t link here but Robert Fisk has filed a report from the location of Assads supposed chemical attack, in which he quotes locals as saying that no such attack took place.

So do you believe a journalist with a proven track record whose on the ground or do you believe a bunch of talking suits in Paris, London or Washington?




He was on with the Plank yesterday (Tuesday 17th). Worth a listen, im sure its on a pod thingy.


I don’t think Assad planned a chemical attack but it’s fairly spurious argument to say that it wouldn’t be in the interest of the Assad forces to use chemical weapons. The reasons I can think of for using them would be

  1. Civil wars are vicious and personal. Anything can happen in them. The Free State forces strapped lads to a landmine during ours.
  2. Assads forces are not very numerous which is one of his problems militarily. Fighting house to house, tunnel to tunnel would drain his forces. Chlorine gas is heavy and sinks, it would be useful for flushing out people from their underground positions rather than do it conventionally.
  3. Chlorine is easy enough to get hold of, I believe it comes in gas form for water treatment. A local commander may have used reason 1 or 2 or both to go on a lone run.
  4. The Syrians have been accused before and nothing has happened. The Russians have their back in the Security Council.


Is it the World Cups turn?

Most distance covered and average high speed by any team so far in Round 1 and 2 (not a great graph but it illustrates the point enough)

independent.ie/sport/soccer … 36671.html


More novichok poisonings in the UK

What to make of this?

Any suggestion that these two were involved in the earlier poisoning?


Weird one. Probably remnants of the first attack. Very little info coming out and unlikely to due to national security interests. Im sure its a major clue to the overall investigation


I’m still amazed that people swallow the media’s anti Russian propaganda, what exactly has Putin done that so bad

Stomped down hard on the oligarchs, well of course the media will hate him for that, destroyed ISIS and saved Syria, the media hate him for that too

If the Russians ever sell a modern air defence system and fighter jets to Iran watch the media go into turbo over drive with anti Russian BS

At times it seems their hate for Russia is so great they think war is a good idea, these people are crazy

And the media hate Trump because he goes against their open boarders agenda, so far he has only been against illegal immigration, what would they be like if he starts saying maybe legal immigration needs to be cut, Trump derangement syndrome would go off the scale


Used banned chemical weapons on foreign soil, crushed democratic opposition with bully-boy tactics at home, assassinated a bevy of journalists, blasted hundreds of people en route from Amsterdam out of the sky, that’s just a few off the top of my head.


well so we’re told, but I have my doubts

Maybe, but I think he would have won the elections anyway, I look forward to the anti China propaganda in the media after their next election

So the media tells us, it must be true

Yes, it was Vlad himself who pulled the trigger, its little known in the West but it has been Vlad’s dream from the start to kill as many Dutch people as possible

I think this argument is in the wrong thread now


There’s the problem. This is what passes for argument these days. You need to take a look at yourself before you start talking about propaganda in the media.


I’m amazed that you can’t see it, all I can say is dig a little deeper


Like where, 4Chan? This stuff is old hat, and I’m not going down any rabbit holes of conspiracy nuttery, but fair enough:

  • used chemical weapons; evidence: known Russian nerve agent, not generally available, similar MO to Litvinenko case in which Scotland Yard determined the only credible explanation was Russian state involvement;
  • suppressed democracy; evidence: endless documentation of political opposition being harassed, threatened and imprisoned.
  • killed journalists; evidence: slew of international reports documenting deaths of journalists investigating powerful elements in the Kremlin, FSB, and Russian organised crime; did I mention at least one of them – Vladmir Kara-Murza went the way of Litvinenko and the Skripals
  • shot down aeroplanes; evidence: Dutch criminal investigation determined that MH17 was downed by a Buk missile transported across the Russian border on the day of use, and holds the Russian state responsible.

You’d have to be willfully deluded to not conclude the Kremlin and Putin are up to their neck in this. But then, willful delusion is the order of the day nowadays.


Shit’s gettin’ real in Syria.
Did Israel just down a Russian patrol plane? And what the fuck are France doing bombing targets in Syria?


No, the Syrians just shot down a Russian plane with an anti-missile missile. Ironically, probably a Buk…


The Russians aren’t what they used to