Putin, Russia and the West


He’s only said imprisonment so far, so be fair.

Although who knows by next month…

I’m still very disappointed in Putin making it mandatory :frowning:


Oh no, not only

Of course, It depends on your definition of Globohomo

They hate Putin for many reasons, but the problem is they can NEVER be 100% honest about their hate, you can publish an article in the Guardian/NY Times or the BBC, saying I detest Vladimir and Russia because of the way LGBTQP+ people are treated in Russia, the Irish Times and other media around the West will follow the party line like sheep. and they all feel virtuous about their correct opinions.

But its a terrible idea to say I hate Vladimir Putin because he stopped ISIS taking over Syria. I hate Vladimir Putin because he won’t agree to destroy Iran.Telling the truth like that just gives the game away

People in cities like Manchester or Paris might wonder why their governments continue to support the “moderate islamists” who butcher teenagers at Ariana Grande/Eagles of Death Metal concerts, or drive trucks down streets in Nice killing 86 people

Yes of course Wes, its all about the oil/LGBTQP+

I should also point out that its not illegal to be a homosexual in Russia, many people assume it is, but no


UK Would Send Warships Though Crimea Waters Again, Minister Says

Russia warns Britain it will bomb ships next time



So it looks like either war on the ground in Ukraine either by the end of the week or in mid / late January.

Interesting article that makes a good case that Russians position is actually just as weak as the Japanese in November 1941. Which makes the current situation very dangerous.

The Russian advanced air defense radar was activated a few days ago (it shows up in satellite SAR imagery). Although the Russians might get their NATO political split the word on the ground is that the Ukrainians have prepared a very sophisticated layered defense so if they Russian dont get their very quick victory which they need then it could get very nasty very quickly. With a single “demonstration” low yield detonation. Which is a key part of Russian “defensive” military strategy and this is according to the Russians is a “defensive” war.

In this worse case scenario not a lot NATO can do as the Russian moved to mobile launchers over the last 20 years totally negates all US nuclear deterrent strategy. I see no sign in the US published public literature that acknowledges how the Russian mobile nuclear forces changes the game totally. SLBM’s can be tracked close enough to kill them but tracking the Topol M / Yars is a needle in a haystack. A one km grid fix is good enough at sea, but not on land.


Why would the Russians make a move now, it would be better for them to wait for the talks with Iran to fail



Assuming this story is correct, its further evidence that the west is no longer in a position to make good on diplomatic assurances made to its allies.

At some point, presumably, it becomes more advantageous to ally yourself with people who are not likely to abandon you at the first sign of trouble.


The Russians have just moved a large amphibious assault group into the Baltic and the Swedes this morning put Gotland on military alert.

The Russians have been very up front about Gotland being their first target when military operations against the Baltics start. Lots of very unsubtle stories on the main Russian TV channel recently. About a Russian “self defense war” where they invade the Baltics and occupy parts of Sweden.

The Swedes have moved and activated their anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles and the Finns although lower profile have been doing the same.

Meanwhile in Germany the new government just announced they want the country to commit economic suicide before 2030. The new “climate minister”, a Green, announced that 80% of all electricity must be “renewable” by 2030. His qualifications for the job. He’s a mediocre novelist and poet who wrote a doctoral thesis on a fairly obscurity 18’th century German poet. And he is considered one of the more competent Green ministers. The SPD minsters are just as bad. The Germans have said very clearly they are not going to counter the Russians. Article 5 or no Article 5.


Will the Russians invade Sweden and the Baltics before or after the Ukraine

I always assume Putin is a rational actor, with that in mind I doubt he would want to fight on two fronts simultaneously


A host of long-declassified documents, however, show Moscow was promised bloc wouldn’t admit more states……

Cuban missile crisis mark 2 with Putin cast in the role of JFK?


The first shots…

This is the GRU. None of the Russian contract “hacker” gangs have those kind of capability given who is helping the UA with cyber-security. So qualifies as an offensive military attack.


The were statements made by people to the leader of a country that ceased to exist in 1991. Nothing was in any official treaty or agreement.


And Eastern Europeans countries wishing to join NATO only really started after Russian military involvement in the Caucuses and Trans-Dniester after 1991. Chechnya may have got the media attention but it was the direct military interference in Trans-Dniester that really set the ball rolling.

Every one who joined NATO or wants to join NATO did so because Russia or the Soviet Union invaded all of them at some point or other. Or has made direct military threats recently.

Why do you think even Sweden and Finland are now defacto fully integrated into NATO? Its because of the those “peace loving” Russians. No other reason.


Saw reports of that yesterday, and I have not read anything further, but it strikes me, how do we know it’s not a false flag cyberattack, I mean Santa Klaus might still have a few surprises. :icon_beer:


Because its in the published Russian battle strategy. And they have done it before.

You dont move dozens of front line combat BTR’s (almost 50K troops) from one end of the country to the other with full support infrastructure in the middle of winter for no reason. Those are summer combat exercise movements. Plus the level of belligerence in the domestic Russian media has not been this shrill since the early 1980’s.

The choice of video insets in stories on the main news is straight out of the 1980’s. As are the subjects, order and time allocation to the various stories.


Absolute bollix.

But work away.

Let’s see how the heroes of Kabul fare this time out.

You’ll have noted that Almaty didn’t pan out as planned either.


Its safe to assume that this most recent stunt has pushed the Russians closer to solving the Ukraine problem in a way that can’t be undone


Then why have the Swedes just airlifted their rapid deployment force to Gotland in the last few hours? On a NATO C-160

You know, those war-mongering Swedes…

And then we have Der Spiegel, somewhere to the left of the Guardian, publishing stuff like this

Der Spiegel.

Unlike 2014 what kicked off in Kazakhstan caught everyone unawares. And unlike 2014 the incompetent fingers of the EU were not all over it. Odd thing about what happened in Almaty is that even though Kazaks were doing most of the initial demonstrating it was Russian speakers who were doing most of the shooting. On both sides. Funny that.

You can believe your lying bastards and I’ll stick with mine. Have you heard Stoltenberg recently? Even the Norwegian papers have been running cartoons about his remarkable change of tone since he was PM. No longer Mister Kumbaya…

Putins going to win this. In the short term. He wants to spit NATO. Spit the Germans, Italians etc away. And it looks like he is very close to succeeding. Long term, not looking good for our latter day Tito.


The point is not that the Russians are not liars. The point is that in this instances they are being deliberately provoked in contravention to what was agreed post break up of the Soviet Union. Same applies to the Chinese and the Iranians. And they all know it very well. And what’s more so does everyone else.

And it doesn’t really matter anyway. The days of Western hegemony are over. The moral superiority has been over for some time. And, as evidenced by recent events, the military superiority is more than likely gone the same way.


It isn’t even a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong. A military filled with a women of Mesoamerican & African origin is not going to effectively wage a war 5,000 miles from home on the frozen Eastern Front.