Putin, Russia and the West


He’s only said imprisonment so far, so be fair.

Although who knows by next month…

I’m still very disappointed in Putin making it mandatory :frowning:


Oh no, not only

Of course, It depends on your definition of Globohomo

They hate Putin for many reasons, but the problem is they can NEVER be 100% honest about their hate, you can publish an article in the Guardian/NY Times or the BBC, saying I detest Vladimir and Russia because of the way LGBTQP+ people are treated in Russia, the Irish Times and other media around the West will follow the party line like sheep. and they all feel virtuous about their correct opinions.

But its a terrible idea to say I hate Vladimir Putin because he stopped ISIS taking over Syria. I hate Vladimir Putin because he won’t agree to destroy Iran.Telling the truth like that just gives the game away

People in cities like Manchester or Paris might wonder why their governments continue to support the “moderate islamists” who butcher teenagers at Ariana Grande/Eagles of Death Metal concerts, or drive trucks down streets in Nice killing 86 people

Yes of course Wes, its all about the oil/LGBTQP+

I should also point out that its not illegal to be a homosexual in Russia, many people assume it is, but no


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