PWC Report

If the minister hasn’t time to read the report I bloody well will.

I’m sick of listening of FF politicians hide behind “corporate governance issues”.
The people of this country deserve to know the truth NOW

Publish the PWC report NOW!!!

We can split it. I’ll read one half. I’ll be sure to tell you all the important bits.



YES!! Was just about to post a thread about this.

Maybe we can get it through a FOI request if needs be?

Not with the way the FOI legislation is like these days anyway… Who wants to read 40 blank pages?!? :nin

…ah, I see you got your hands on the Anglo Irish Bank ethics training manual. Or is it the manual with “Government National Recovery Strategy” written on the cover?

On Vincent Browne tonight Sean Fleming more or less admitted that Lenihan wouldnt/couldnt trust hte cabinet with hte limited bit of informaiton he had gleaned from idly flipping through the PWC report… WTF is going on?

EDIT: Removed one.

Second one is slightly tasteless WGU… :neutral_face:


Thought it was hilarious myself.

Put it back up so I be offended by its tastelessness.

Where’s the rest of the report?

Wrong thread Dave Evans!